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tissue that is taken from one site and grafted to another site on the same person


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Treatment modalities of ureteral strictures Treatment modality N=25 n Surveillance 3 Balloon dilation +/- ureteric stent 3 Laser endoureterotomy +/- balloon 8 (2 required multiple dilation endoscopic procedures) Transurethral resection of UVJ + 1 ureteric stent Nephrectomy (MIS/open) 2 (1 after failed endoureterotomy) Open ureteroureterostomy 2 (1 after failed endoureterotomy) Open ureteral re-implant 3 (1 after failed endoureterotomy) Urinary diversion 3 Ileal conduit 1 Indiana 1 (after failed ureteral reimplant) Nephroureterectomy + ileal conduit 1 Autotransplant 1 Ongoing chronic stent changes 4 MIS: minimally invasive surgery; UVJ: ureterovesical junction.
Three years earlier, Griffith performed a successful autotransplant on an opera singer who has since recovered and is in good heath.
The percentage of the claw or clawlike structures regenerated from the walking leg stumps was higher when the autotransplant consisted of a combination of claw tissues than when only a single type of tissue was used.
Unlike a transplanted heart, the booster tissue for an autotransplant is home-grown and so no lifetime regimen of immune-suppressive drugs is needed.
Biochemical pregnancy after fertilization of an oocyte aspirated from a heterotopic autotransplant of cryopreserved ovarian tissue: case report.
History of Nephrology 1827-1968 Richard Bright established the relationship between the 1827 symptoms and pathology of renal failure Thomas Graham first described osmotic force 1854 Thomas Graham first described the process of dialysis 1861 using a hoop form dialyzer Wegner conducted experiments using peritoneal lavage 1877 in animals Ullmann performed an autotransplant of a canine kidney 1894 Starling and Tubby first described the peritoneum's 1894 fluid removal characteristics.
Treatment of temporomandibular ankylosis with particular reference to the interposition of fullthickness skin autotransplant.
In addition, one article has reported a tooth autotransplant case where CBCT demonstrated high accuracy, and the information provided allowed the rapid completion of the transplant operation45.
Instead of receiving an autotransplant of her own ovarian tissue, she was the first recipient of an ovarian allograft, receiving tissue from her identical twin.
All of these studies have exhibited feasibility limitations, with ~30% of those randomized to autotransplant arms not completing assigned treatment.
Clinical Activity in Multiple Myeloma Supports Utility after Autotransplant
Minnich's heart, successfully excised three malignant growths, and returned the repaired organ, making her the first woman to receive an autotransplant of the heart.