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spontaneous removal or casting off of a body part (as the tail of a lizard or claw of a lobster) especially when the organism is injured or under attack

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Autotomy in blue crab (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun) populations: geographic, temporal, and ontogenetic variation.
In Nairobi, Seifert was able to document the first known case of skin autotomy in a mammal.
As such, it is important to identify the selective pressures for autotomy in this group.
Chapple DG and Swain R (2002) Distribution of energy reserves in a viviparous skink: Does tail autotomy involve the Loss of lipid stores?
In a study of king crabs caught in bottom trawls, Stevens (1990) found that leg and body injuries increased the likelihood of death by 29 and 41%, respectively, while evidence of recent autotomy was not significantly associated with an increased likelihood of death.
Though there have been trends away from regulation, federal and state legislators have begun to explore legislation that will allow consumers greater autotomy such as choice of provider (Watson, Eilenberg, & Odulana, 1995).
Under situations of extreme stress, rarely encountered in their natural environment, this species can undergo autotomy and evisceration of their digestive tract and respiratory trees (Dawbin 1949a, Dawbin 1949b, Sewell 1990).
In addition to these natural-history observations, experiments in laboratory settings have demonstrated the escape value of caudal autotomy in a variety of species (Bateman and Fleming, 2009), including C.
Co-author Dr Trish Fleming from the University said that caudal autotomy, or the ability to shed the tail in response to attack, is a major predator escape mechanism in species within 13 of the 20 lizard families.
In a shipboard experiment, males of both species at submarket size were subjected to different subfreezing temperatures and exposure times to test for possible relationships between simple reflex actions, righting behavior, autotomy, and subsequent immediate mortality and delayed mortality.
Body size, leg autotomy, and prior experience as factors in the fighting success of male crab spiders, Misumenoides formosipes.
Moths trapped on sticky boards have greater opportunity to escape via other debris, autotomy, or perhaps being near the edge of the sticky surface.
The results of these experiments suggest these worms may use autotomy as a mechanism of mercury detoxification.
This species is prone to eviscerate, a behavior that results in autotomy of the internal organs and their expulsion through the anus.
Surprisingly, after the injection of histamine, the crabs quickly released their pereiopods and began to twitch, and the number of the crabs with autotomy and spasm increased with the increasing histamine concentration (P < 0.