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a system for self-improvement developed by Emile Coue which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s

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Promising to provide an opportunity for personal development, the Power of Positive Autosuggestion will enable people to create their own destiny and lead the life of their dreams.
In the context of Liebeault's 'hypnosis', Braid's hypnotism, and Coue's (later) discoveries about autosuggestion, one must recognise the substantially different orientations of Liebeault's "suggestive therapeutics", which concentrated on imposing the coercive power of the operator's suggestion, and Braid's "psycho-physiology", which concentrated on activating the transformative power of the subject's mind.
Then copy and paste the correct autosuggestion back into the library database search box.
All reports invariably began with a statement about the loyalty of the people and their attachment to the administration of the protectorate--a form of autosuggestion that in no way reflected reality.
Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion (vi), Emile Coue (1857-1926) described a technique called Autosuggestion.
Autosuggestion, geographic location, and language are the first steps in personalization.
In 1930, he wrote a second book, Autosuggestion, while rehabilitating a knee injury he suffered playing soccer.
45pm PAUL JEWELL, or Paul Jewell NOTW as Google's autosuggestion search insists on calling him, will only be in the stands when his new club Ipswich face Arsenal in the Carling Cup tonight, writes Michael Brear.
Having come to Lourdes to exalt the Creator and humble himself as his creature, Huysmans had at first adopted a naturalist practice in order to refute Zola's naturalist allegations--that the miraculous healings effected by the Virgin were produced by autosuggestion, by an abatement of nervous disorders, or by what Charcot had called lafoi qui guerit.
When a user starts entering a keyword for a search, a SPARQL query is constructed on the fly on every key press and an AJAX-enabled autosuggestion module is invoked.
Since neither Elisabeth nor Effi fully regains her health during the Kur, both authors anticipate the skepticism on the subject of the then common "Bade- und Trinkkuren"; Moll sarcastically attributes the so-called miracles at Lourdes, "wo der Glauben selig macht" (218), to autosuggestion, and furthermore suspects that improvement is based on the distractions of a new environment (214).
Simple techniques of autosuggestion, (75) for instance, jostled for pride of place with intensive psychoanalytic perspectives.
Those labeled witch often accept it stoically and fall prey to autosuggestion (Devi, Witch-Hunting 172).
The practice of autosuggestion is usually linked to self-hypnosis.