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any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome

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Thereafter, the X:A ratio provides a signal that directs sexual fate and does so by binding competitively the promoter of the sex-determination switch gene xol-1 with X-signal elements (XSE = several genes located on the X-chromosome that are expressed early) and autosomal-signal elements (=genes located on autosomes also expressed early).
Most X; autosome carriers may present with a variable phenotype, developmental delay, and recognizable X-linked syndrome due to nonrandom X-inactivation.
Similar paralog ratio testing strategies have been used to detect autosomal trisomies and sex chromosome abnormalities by designing assays to target paralogs anchored on the relevant chromosomes with paired sequences on reference autosomes (4, 5, 29, 30).
Distinct dark C-bands occur in the centromeric areas of most bi-armed autosomes and in a single acrocentric autosome.
The phylogenetic pattern indicates two independent fusions of a cryptic Y chromosome with an autosome, producing neo-Y chromosomes.
Karyotype analysis of 50 metaphases revealed a pattern of 46, X, t(X;1)(q21;p32), suggestive of a balanced sex autosome translocation involving the long arm of chromosome X and short arm of chromosome 1 (Figure 1).
But the deeper branches since discovered are entirely African, the same pattern which the mtDNA and autosomes show.
Often called "young onset AD" because symptoms arise when people are in their 30s and 40s, more technically it is known as "autosomal dominant" AD an autosome being a non-sex chromosome).
The X chromosome has higher proportion of cognitive genes as compared to autosomes; but the presence of 22 autosomes and the origination of X chromosome from autosome during the course of evolution is putting a mark of question on this fact and leads to the hypothesis that the number of autosomal cognitive genes should be higher in number than the genes on X chromosome.
The case reported here represents a much rarer example of an autosome (non-sex chromosome) rearrangement interfering with normal sexual development.
24 From then onwards many studies reported females with X - autosome translocation.
The size of the x chromosome is similar to the middle autosome pair, none of them have a primary constriction, thus being holokinetic.
Multi generation studies have found out that this recurrence is associated with dominant autosome inheritance.
Meniere disease as an autosome dominant hereditary disease [in German].