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(physiology) processes that maintain a generally constant physiological state in a cell or organism

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An explanation for these results is that autoregulation remained intact in all these participants; however, failure of autoregulation is common in this population.
2+]-dependent heterometric and homeometric autoregulation in hypertrophied rat heart.
Incorporating a number of components into a multiple regression model that included age, mean ICP, and an index of autoregulation did provide predictive information in relation to DIICP and outcome.
Furthermore, liver oxygenation may not be a good marker for splanchnic perfusion because of the dual hepatic blood supply and lack of autoregulation.
2] associated with increasing MAP could be the result of defective autoregulation after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) and was similar to minimal or absent autoregulatory response demonstrated in head injury by Fortune et al.
However, with intact autoregulation, cerebral vasoconstriction will occur due to increased blood pressure (Fig 1).
33,47,59] Oxygen free radicals also produce vascular dilatation and impair autoregulation, which may further compromise per fusion.
This is especially true for patients whose cerebral autoregulation is affected by chronic hypertension or a cerebral insult.
Untreated pain following craniotomy can lead to hemodynamic changes from increased sympathetic activity and systemic blood pressure which can increase cerebral blood flow, oxygen consumption and intracranial pressure in patients with compromised cerebral autoregulation.
Vittamed has developed a platform of innovative noninvasive devices: Vittamed 205 non-invasive intracranial pressure (ICP) system that does not require patient specific calibration; and Vittamed 505 non-invasive bedside monitor for assessing cerebrovascular autoregulation.
This increased risk is thought to be due to endothelial dysfunction, impaired cerebral autoregulation, and severe hypertension (8).
This result indicated that there may have been autoregulation when T dendrolimi was reared in different hosts.
Therefore, ARs will be acting analogously as a superpredator, impeding the natural autoregulation of vole populations.
Structural autoregulation of terminal vascular beds, Hypertension 33: 153-161.
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