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(physiology) processes that maintain a generally constant physiological state in a cell or organism

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On-line pouch check-weighing and automatic reject pouches outside preset tolerances: "The check-weighing system feedback this information to autoregulate the dose with trend control feedback," Burger states.
Loss of autoregulation of cerebral blood flow (CBF), the brain's ability to autoregulate blood flow, can be impaired by stroke subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH).
Melanomas that produce growth factors and cytokines, together with the corresponding receptors, can potentially autoregulate their own tumoral behavior.
The difference between the living beings (organisms) and inert structures (mechanisms) is only that in living beings the agency acts from within, with a capacity to autoregulate their inner equilibrium to the degree of their awareness.
This doesn't occur in normal individuals, who autoregulate.
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