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a radiogram produced by radiation emitted by the specimen being photographed

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In addition, the autoradiograph revealed the artist's use of numerous brown brush outlines, never before seen, to establish the contours of the maidservant and the cheat, as well as the top of the left edge of the table and outlines of the wine flask, glass and cheat's cards.
We assessed parentage of nestlings by comparing bands in the 2- to 12-kb range of nestlings with those of their putative parents on the autoradiographs.
For quantification the autoradiographs of three independent experiments were scanned and the spots were evaluated densitometrically using a Geldoc densitometer (Biorad, Munchen, Germany).
Autoradiographs were developed from the hybridized filters with Kodak X-Omat AR x-ray film (Eastman Kodak Co.
This was true whether the Southern blots were analyzed by scanning densitometry of autoradiographs or by a PhosphorImager (patient 4).
Silver grain densities in autoradiographs were measured using a Joyce-Loebl MiniMagiScan image analysis system connected to an Olympus OM-2 microscope (x40 objective).
On the basis of the autoradiographs presented in court, he concluded that the DNA evidence could not unambiguously prove that the blood was from the victim.
By using this assay rather than our current methodologies of PCR-acrylamide gels and Southern blotting, potentially 94% fewer autoradiographs could be performed in our laboratory, effectively minimizing the existing problematic issues associated with radioactivity such as cost, accidental spills and disposal, as well as neurotoxicity with acrylamide.