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a radiogram produced by radiation emitted by the specimen being photographed

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Cannabinoid receptors in the human brain: A detailed anatomical and quantitative autoradiographic study in the fetal, neonatal and adult human brain.
Autoradiographic localization of dopamine D 1 and D 2 receptors in the brain of several mammalian species.
Comparative autoradiographic investigations on the tissue distribution of benfotiamine versus thiamine in mice.
In preparation for the 1996-97 exhibition 'Georges de La Tour and his World' at the National Gallery in Washington and the Kimbell, I undertook, with then assistant conservator Michael Gallagher and Dr Tony Chang at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithershurg, Maryland, two autoradiographic studies of two paintings in the Kimbell collection by La Tour: The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs (Fig.
Distribution of neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and receptors in the vestibular nuclei complex of the rat: An immunocytochemical, in situ hybridization and quantitative receptor autoradiographic study.
Autoradiographic studies in monkey and human brains have shown a high expression of NK1 receptors in regions important for the regulation of affective behaviors and the neurochemical response to stress.
The autoradiographic studies of D1 and D2 dopamine receptors were conducted using [[.
Autoradiographic localization of V1 vasopressin binding sites in rat brain and kidney.
The presence of multiple clones would reflect itself as a heterozygous result in which 2 equally intense autoradiographic bands would be present.
In the 1990's, Kellar and his colleagues produced autoradiographic images showing the increased nicotinic receptors in the brains of long-time smokers.
chemiluminescence, fluorescence and autoradiographic densitometry colony counting and documentation system fluorescent microscope incubation chamber with the control unit for the cell and colony counting to monitor the density and dynamics of research dokumentavimui12 units.
GnRH receptors in human granulosa cells: anatomical localization and characterization by autoradiographic study.
Further observations on epithelialization of small wounds: an autoradiographic study of incorporation and distribution of 3H-thymidine in the epithelium covering skin wounds.
Autoradiographic studies of the distribution of polonium-210 in mice after a single intravenous injection.
Proliferation of Sertoli cells in foetal and postnatal rats: a quantitative autoradiographic study.