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a radiogram produced by radiation emitted by the specimen being photographed

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The DNAs were then transferred (Southern, 1975) onto Zeta-Probe GT nylon membranes (Bio Rad, Hercules, CA), probed, and autoradiographed as described previously (Keim et al.
Color was developed with ECL reagent at a dilution of 1:1 applied to the NC strips, which were then autoradiographed.
The filter was then washed in standard sodium citrate and SDS at 60 [degrees] C for 2 hours and autoradiographed at -70 [degrees] C for 16 hours to 72 hours.
The result is labeled proteins that are separated by size with gel electrophoresis and then autoradiographed.
We autoradiographed membranes at -70 [degrees] C for 1-14 d using Konica Medical X-Ray Film (Konica Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) and intensifying screens.
The hybridized membranes were washed and autoradiographed as described by Seppala et al (8).
After being washed, the membrane was submerged in ECL developing solution (Amersham) and autoradiographed.
Gels were electrophoresed at 125 V in 50 mM Tris-50 mM boric acid/1 mM EDTA, dried, and autoradiographed overnight.