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a radiogram produced by radiation emitted by the specimen being photographed

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SDS-PAGE was used to recover the immunoprecipitated fragments for the purpose of autoradiograph generation.
The translation of science into forensic science evidence is, in reality, a complex and contingent institutional achievement, a long way removed from popular images of an expert witness reading-off his(1) results to the court from a computer print-out or a DNA autoradiograph.
PHOTO : Chemist James Madison (left) and plant physiologist John Thompson inspect a film autoradiograph, which shows that methionine increases the level of messenger RNA for Bowman-Birk protease inhibitor.
moment came as one of us ran through the hallways waving an autoradiograph with a G-to-A transition that was consistent with it being the disease-causing mutation at position 845 of cDNA24, the HH gene.
3A, left), the endogenous kinase activity of axoplasm is significantly higher than in the GFL (Table 1), with NF220 and other proteins highly phosphorylated, as seen in the autoradiograph at the right of Figure 3A.
Ashbaugh began thinking about making DNA paintings in 1987 and was among the first artists to experiment with autoradiograph marking.
This autoradiograph fragment is located at the position of a band which shows in silver staining of the same gel.
Any discrepancies were rechecked against the autoradiograph and, if necessary, the sample was rerun.
In one method, the researchers bound the ATR to carbohydrate beads, added radiolabeled DNA, washed the beads three times to eliminate unbound DNA, and then visualized the ATR-bound DNA by autoradiograph.
tuberculosis isolate Mt14323, which was present on each autoradiograph.
To standardize band position, each autoradiograph was scored using a light box and rulers at three locations across the gel.
Variant and wild-type bands for single-strand conformation polymorphism were cut out from the gels after alignment with the autoradiograph, and the DNA was eluted in 100 [micro]L of doubly distilled [H.