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a radiogram produced by radiation emitted by the specimen being photographed

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Ashbaugh began thinking about making DNA paintings in 1987 and was among the first artists to experiment with autoradiograph marking.
This autoradiograph fragment is located at the position of a band which shows in silver staining of the same gel.
In one method, the researchers bound the ATR to carbohydrate beads, added radiolabeled DNA, washed the beads three times to eliminate unbound DNA, and then visualized the ATR-bound DNA by autoradiograph.
tuberculosis isolate Mt14323, which was present on each autoradiograph.
Variant and wild-type bands for single-strand conformation polymorphism were cut out from the gels after alignment with the autoradiograph, and the DNA was eluted in 100 [micro]L of doubly distilled [H.
An autoradiograph of this experiment as well as its densitometric evaluation is shown in Fig.
The PCR premix is arranged to contain a template DNA instead of a primer pair, and an example of an SSCP autoradiograph from the simplified setup of 22 PCBs from the LDL receptor gene in four patients with FH is shown in Fig.