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a radiogram produced by radiation emitted by the specimen being photographed

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Genotyping on Licor 4300 DNA Analyzer: The amplified PCR products of M-13 tailed markers were resolved on PAGE gel prepared and fixed for Licor 4300 DNA Analyzer which revealed autoradiograms.
The autoradiogram image was digitized, unwarped, and straightened, by using the DENDRON software database (25).
Digital images of the edited autoradiograms indicating operator determination of band placement were transmitted electronically to the CDC network coordinator for comparison.
For one pair of great reed warblers, we had nine young on the same autoradiogram because they raised two clutches in the same season.
The patterns of the existing pool of proteins ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6A OMITTED]: Coomassie-stained proteins) were different than those of the newly synthesized proteins ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6B OMITTED]: autoradiogram of labeled proteins), with no detectable synthesis of the two high-molecular-weight protein classes at any larval stage (note lack of signal in [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6B OMITTED] autoradiogram for [P.
Each isoform on the blot was visualized with a horseradish peroxidase-conjugated goat anti-mouse antibody, and the signal was detected on an autoradiogram by chemiluminescence as described above.
Figure 1 shows a typical autoradiogram using the single primer pair AAC/CTT combination on a series of 30 opium poppy samples.
Positive samples containing HSV show a characteristic "retarded" band on the autoradiogram of the electrophoresis gel.
The autoradiogram showed that traces of 14C-dansyl-GP and 14C-dansyl-G were present in the medium simultaneously with the hexapeptide ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED], lane A).
d) Measurement of the mean TRF length by quantitative densitometry of the smear pattern of an autoradiogram may not be accurate.
Figure 2 represents the autoradiogram of the Southern analysis conducted on the transgenic soybean plants hybridized with the GUS-specific probe (the banding pattern with the CP4-specific probe was identical, data not shown).
An autoradiogram of allele-specific gene expression studies by restriction isotyping in our five patients is given in Fig.
The autoradiogram from experiment 4 [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED], in which specimens of Aiptasia pallida were incubated in a temperature series from 22 [degrees] to 35 [degrees] C (Table I), was analyzed with densitometry to compare quantitatively the densities of the hsp68 and hsp72 bands from animals exposed to the various temperatures.
This method, currently based on the use of membrane as solid support [24,25] and autoradiogram analysis, is tedious and seems difficult to be done by laboratory technicians unskilled in molecular biology.