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Synonyms for autopsy

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Synonyms for autopsy

an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

perform an autopsy on a dead body

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"Autopsies can be a valuable tool in diagnosis of clinical conditions leading to death when studying trends in disease mortality," the authors write.
Under the bill, autopsies will be mandated for deaths resulting from the commission of crimes; deaths with an unidentifiable cause; deaths under suspicious circumstances; deaths occurring from violence or trauma; operative and perioperative deaths not readily explainable by prior disease; deaths where the body remains unidentified or unclaimed; deaths in prison or in police custody; and deaths of persons to be cremated, buried at sea, or any other form that may render them unavailable to future examinations.
In our experience researching molecular autopsies on cases at Salt River Mortuary, Cape Town, even 1 mL of blood has sufficed (yielding a median of 103 [micro]g of DNA).
Patna: A rights body in Bihar has sought for only women doctors to perform autopsies on bodies of women at government hospitals, in a bid to protect their dignity in death.
We are legally bound to perform autopsies and we have to obey the law.
The Secretary reacted to the calls of Doctors for Public Welfare (DPW) which included former Department of Health (DOH) chief Esperanza Cabral who urged Aguirre to order a stop to the autopsies being conducted by the PAO.
In his editorial, Dr Laposata bemoans the shortcomings of the autopsy, which he claims does not address specific clinical questions, and argues that subspecialists should perform autopsies. (1) We have a different opinion.
An exploratory and descriptive research design was used in order to gain a detailed description of the psychosocial implications of stillbirth, with special attention to perceptions on autopsies, including regrets regarding their initial indication or whether autopsy eased the bereavement process.
Histopathological pattern in lung autopsies, jpafmat 2008; 8(2):29-31.
Because Carswell's widow Linda first challenged the hospital in court more than three years after her husband's autopsy, and because autopsies are part of the professional services related to the medical care hospitals provide, it was too late to sue for malpractice claims, the Supreme Court found.
Palestinian families do not trust the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) investigations and the ability of Israeli authorities to conduct unbiased autopsies of Palestinians slain by the IOF.
Material and Methods: A retrospective cross sectional descriptive study of medical autopsies was conducted on patients at Histopathology Department Army Medical College and MH Rawalpindi who expired at or was brought in dead at MH Rawalpindi during a 41 months period between January 2009 to May 2012.
Louis County Medical Examiner ordered autopsies in both cases, based on the office's established practice of doing the procedure in all homicides, fatal car accidents, workplace accidents and most child deaths.
SURABAYA (CyHAN)- Autopsies will be performed on some of the bodies retrieved from the Java Sea off Indonesia's Central Kalimantan where an AirAsia plane with 162 people on board crashed on Sunday, experts and police said on Saturday.
The only ones who may have gotten weary of all these autopsies were perhaps the pathology residents, often overwhelmed with them and needing at least 100 to fulfill their anatomic pathology residency requirements, and the hospitals, who were required to post at least 25 percent of their expirations to maintain their Joint Commission accreditation.