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the condition of being polyploid

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supported as an autopolyploid A-genome species (Pendinen et al.
represent autopolyploids, or presumed autopolyploids (Gavrilenko, 2007).
In autopolyploids, although the diversity of genetic potential increases by the development of new alleles, as has been shown in Tolmiea menziesii (Soltis & Rieseberg, 1986) and in Dactylis glomerata (Lum aret & Barrientos, 1990), an autopolyploid has very little chance of becoming established because multivalents form during meiosis, causing partial sterility.
Olah and DeFilipps (1968) concluded that this species is a polyhaploid derived from the autopolyploid D.
Other models for autopolyploids have been published (e.