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Synonyms for autonomous

Synonyms for autonomous

having political independence

Synonyms for autonomous

(of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces

existing as an independent entity

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(of persons) free from external control and constraint in e

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The test site in the south-west of the US features a network of surfaced roads resembling an urban grid plan, making it an ideal location for testing autonomously driving vehicles in surroundings that are as close to real life as they can be.
Army to demonstrate the capability to autonomously deliver supplies to soldiers in the field.
Through this demonstration testing, Honda will verify the value of ASIMO as a robot that can autonomously explain things to people through a variety of pre-loaded explanations, leveraging the advantage of a robot, memory capability, by using multiple sensors to presume the needs of people and then explaining things in an easy-to-understand manner.
Grupo Alavio and MUP-20 plan to transmit in more neighborhoods south of Greater Buenos Aires and ultimately build a network of community television stations that can function autonomously under a large umbrella of collaboration and mutual support.
Tokyo, Japan) has patented a coryneform bacterium in which a DNA fragment is incorporated into its chromosome is prepared by (a) obtaining a recombinant plasmid through ligation of a DNA fragment having a sequence homologous to a gene present on a chromosome of a coryneform bacterium to a plasmid that has a wild-type replication control region segment of a particular nucleotide sequence including a mutation and is autonomously replicable in a coryneform bacterium cell at a culture temperature lower than 31 degree(s) C.
The various companies that made up the FTE network had functioned fairly autonomously until recently, but it is reported that FTE will consolidate and vertically integrate the company with many operations centralized in Boulder.
Choosing WPP as a partner gives us access to greater resources while still allowing us to operate autonomously.
It starts with flexibility and freedom, the desire to throw off authority and live autonomously.
Such reaction-driven devices might, for instance, someday autonomously open tiny drug dispensers in the bloodstream when they bind certain biomolecules, says Christoph Gerber of IBM Zurich, a leader of the new study.
This half-hour piece, set to a commissioned score by Michael Nyman, is designed to stand autonomously and be part of a companion piece which will premiere next year.
The small-footprint PointBase database offers developers full relational database functionality, integrated installation with VisualCafe, data synchronization and near-zero administration, enabling the creation of extremely portable multi-threaded applications that can function autonomously on a wide variety of platforms.
subsidiaries is not uncommon, especially when the subsidiaries are engaged in separate lines of business and the foreign parent wishes to operate the subsidiaries autonomously.
Enabling unmanned vehicles to autonomously drive at high speeds is an important component of training requirements for strike and close air support operations.
During the site visits, DARPA officials evaluated the capability of each team's vehicle to autonomously navigate a narrow 200-meter course that contained turns and randomly placed obstacles.
14 South Networks' technology has paved the way for the first and only security appliance blade that operates autonomously within any industry-standard server with no changes to the server or client systems or network infrastructure.
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