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relating to or controlled by the autonomic nervous system

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Self-healing in materials is a biomimetic concept modeled after the capability of biological systems to autonomically repair or regenerate after damage.
are interconnected with each other and can be autonomically "plugged and played".
The ValueChain Manager TM module keeps discovery information fresh autonomically and provides unprecedented visibility into IT assets.
Pre-genital conversion theorists such as Steckel and Groddeck did read primary symbolic meanings in the symptoms of many somatic diseases (including ulcerative colitis and bronchial asthma); however, Reiser and Weiner have argued that bodily events in autonomically innervated organs and tissues can become secondarily linked with fantasies and affects.
Servo control for the control surfaces may be realised in two ways, either autonomically by means of FCC or remote radio control.
1) Their study included 16 patients who used propranolol, 20 mg/d, which had a beneficial effect on anxiety by alleviating autonomically mediated symptoms.
In contrast, the neurovascular theory centres on the possibility that there is an inherent weakness in the bones secondary to an altered sympathetic autonomically stimulated vascular reflex that causes hyperaemia and periarticular osteopenia.
The origin of the phrase, which combines the predatory and the helplessly, autonomically lustful, is obscure.
By this method, the solvability of the above matrix equation can be determined autonomically, and a solution or the least-norm solution of which can be obtained within finite iteration steps.
This virtualization technology enables the sharing of I/O, and autonomically allocates additional resources to the application as needed.
Cisco has a vision of "the intelligent network", in which the network, rather than any centralised application, is able to autonomically carry out activities such as security, routing and integration.
This platform must offer seamlessly scalable storage that expands transparently as new arrays are added, integrate a full complement of high-end management capabilities including data protection, and operate autonomically with a "set it and forget it" intelligence that can be trusted--all in a fully redundant system that ensures consistent data availability.