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someone who drives (or travels in) an automobile


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The old system of electric trolleys had created the desire for expansion as early as the 1890s; the new system of busses radiating through thinly-populated suburbs satisfied it, but by doing so, encouraged a new mode of traveller, the wasteful suburban automobilist.
LEV PRAGUE have away wins against Automobilist Yekaterinburg and Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk under their belts in the last five days and they look a big price at almost 2-1 for more success when they visit Avangard Omsk today, writes Graham Woods.
The authority called on motor drivers to promote automobilist consciousness 'based on mutual respect and gentlemanly behaviour'.
We are especially grateful for the support we received from The Georgian Seamen's Medical Centre, The Georgian Seafarer's Union, the Automobilist Garage in Batumi and the NGOs Tanadgoma (Batumi), Steps to the Future (Gori) and Association Mega (Poti).
Your yachtsman or automobilist would lose much of his enjoyment if he were obliged to do for pay what he is doing for the love of the thing itself.
Launched in the Sultanate in 2011, Geely Emgrand 7 is a vehicle of choice for many automobilists in Oman too.
At first motor transport was confined to wealthy automobilists, as they were called.
The happenings are organized by the State-public Consultative Committee on Traffic Safety Problems, the Traffic Police, the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists, the "Tale about the Road" Foundation, and the Bulgarian Association of Traffic Accident Victims.
Bell was one of the few British artists commissioned in the 1930s to depict the beauty of the British countryside on posters to persuade increasing numbers of automobilists to explore the countryside, driving on Shell.
As most of the magazines' readers were ordinary railwaymen and their families, archetypal members of the 'respectable' working and lower-middle classes, much of the humour was directed against stereotypes of upper- and middle-class male automobilists.
Namely, the road marks out a front line in an increasingly violent struggle between automobilists and so-called utility cyclists, or the audacious 2 percent of Ottawans (City of Ottawa, "Cycling Plan" 1-5) who regularly thwart Ottawa's car streets by using bicycles to get where they are going.
Three days later, the Futurists enrolled in the Lombard Battalion of Volunteer Cyclists and Automobilists (V.
These automobilists are served by the companies that design and manufacture parts meant to enhance the status quo.
In contrast to the perpetually delayed railway, the automobile offered its owners a remarkable independence in choosing departure times, destinations, and travel speeds, while also allowing automobilists to experience their natural environment in a fresh and exciting way.
Shod horses periodically lost horseshoe nails, which, of course, quickly found their way into the tires of unsuspecting automobilists.