automobile trunk

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compartment in an automobile that carries luggage or shopping or tools

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There, polyester fibers are extruded from the resin and used to make such products as linings for automobile trunks and indoor and outdoor carpeting.
But the father of two, who holds a US patent for a collapsible utility cart for use with automobile trunks, is more than optimistic.
Chertoff, (69) holding that minimally intrusive, suspicionless searches of passengers' carry-on baggage and automobile trunks before boarding a commuter ferry were justified on account of the government's interest in deterring terrorist attacks on large vessels involved in mass transportation.
Organizational ownership is what precludes storing company records in employees' garages or automobile trunks, and prohibits employees from assuming that the records they have created or filed are their own personal property, to purge, save indefinitely, or take with them when they retire.
with temporary visitors' visas and then disappeared into the general population, demagogues and others would lead us to believe that all illegals are people who waded across the Rio Grande River, scaled border walls, or crawled into automobile trunks of sympathetic friends.