automobile mechanic

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someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles

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It is not only technicians of home air-conditioning units that see a major hike in business, but also automobile mechanics who are flooded with business from motorists whose radiators and air-conditioners cannot handle the scorching summer weather.
A former automobile mechanic, Bell proposed that the most fascinating engine is the brain and how it functions.
For example, a woman at work as an automobile mechanic fills a role traditionally thought of as masculine.
The losing plaintiffs were two nearsighted women, twin sisters with vision correctable to 20/20, whom United Air Lines turned down for jobs as pilots; a truck driver with functional vision in only one eye, who saw normally for most purposes but who was dismissed for not meeting the federal vision standard for driving commercial vehicles; and a hypertensive automobile mechanic, whose blood pressure kept him from meeting federal standards for driving a truck but, when controlled by medication, left him able to hold nondriving mechanics' jobs.
It's as if an automobile mechanic lifted the engine out of car, conducted repairs, and then casually dropped the engine back into place.
She says her father is an automobile mechanic, but gives her some pocket money every month and she deposits most of it in the bank.
Charles Entwistle, 62, of Leicester has been an automobile mechanic since age 13, and owns Entwistle's Garage, which his father opened in 1946 along Route 9.
Muscat: Busy moms worried over swinging around their child in an ordinary cradle can heave a sigh of relief soon as an automobile mechanic in Muscat finishes designing a cradle which will swing automatically, put the baby to sleep and also sense the movements of the infant.
Some positions, such as veterinarian and school principal, require specialized advanced degrees, but you can become a plumber, electrician or automobile mechanic with additional training after high school.
Some people do not pay the repair charges and then we just leave them on roads and later parts are removed or sold as scrap," Muhammad Arshad, an expatriate automobile mechanic in the industrial area in Madinah, told Arab News.
He attended a technical school to become an automobile mechanic.
He was an automobile mechanic, working at the family-owned Jennings Garage, formerly in Clinton, and later at various Worcester area auto garages.
Operators can search for the type of business using a category that is provided, such as a plumber or an automobile mechanic.
He later was an automobile mechanic and auto body repairman.
His career also includes time as a political campaign consultant, high-school teacher and automobile mechanic.
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