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the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectively

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The E-Commerce Automobile Supply Chain Solution wholly reflects PayEase's complete understanding of the needs of all parties involved in the automobile industry business model and supply chain.
What the Japanese Embassy can do is to provide support and assistance that will facilitate the development in the automobile industry in Nigeria.
The automobile industry contributes almost 25 per cent to the manufacturing sector, which provides high- quality jobs.
Moreover, they mentioned in detail the supply and demand shifts in the automobile industry.
During its visit to Detroit, the delegation is going to have direct meetings with a number of companies from the automobile industry in the USA with which the Republic of Macedonia is in different stages of talks over concrete investments.
Investment banker Steven Rattner, who had no background in the automobile industry, was the Obama administration's point person while most of the decisions were made.
The automobile industry around the world has been brought to its knees as consumer demand is badly hit by the global credit crisis.
The metallurgical industry depends on the automobile industry a great deal, so in 2006 we expect 4% growth," says Salvador Macias, member of the executive board of the World Foundrymen Organization.
Highly recommended reading for dedicated car enthusiasts, Hot Rod Milestones: America's Coolest Coupes, Roadsters, and Racers offers an excellent selection of America's historical sports cars, covering twenty-five of the most influential and innovative vehicles in the automobile industry.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 8, 2005 - (JCNN) - Renesas Technology announced on September 7 that it will work with the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) to develop of electronics technology for the Chinese automobile industry.
The China National Automobile Industry Corporation, Shenyang Jin Bei Automotive Industry Corporation Ltd.
THE JAPANESE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY is one of the powerhouses of the world economy, employing one in 10 of the domestic workforce and earning vast amounts of foreign currency through exports and international operations.
Through the office, the JAMA will seek to enhance ties with Chinese government officials in charge of the automobile industry and Chinese automobile industry representatives, including company officials, they said.
Protection to Auto Industry to be Reduced Gradually, Humayun: Commerce Minister Humayun Akhtar has said that protection to the automobile industry will be reduced gradually under a long-term plan, prepared in consultation with the stakeholders.
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