automobile battery

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a lead-acid storage battery in a motor vehicle

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The company is taking this step to tap into the promising next-generation automobile battery business.
The company said that only the first-generation electric automobile battery modules for Phoenix vehicles are affected.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Automobile Battery
It can operate on any 12-volt truck or automobile battery, and the low 30 AMP draw allows for an hour of operation without starting the engine.
Tenders are invited for Meco Automobile Battery Tester, Range: 4-500Ah, 2-6-12V Dc, Model: Bm63 Or Equivalent.
As a result, the utility vehicles battery market segment is expected to witness the fastest growth in automobile battery market, followed by two wheeler batteries and light commercial vehicle battery market segments, over the next five years.
Efficient lithium-ion high-energy battery offers sustainability The expertise of the world leader in the automobile battery segment comes to the forefront in the re3 concept with the integration of a lithium-ion high-energy battery for the plug-in hybrid concept.
8v DC 'cigar lighter' or automotive type electrical socket which can be used to recharge a battery in a mobile phone or laptop, or to recharge a automobile battery.
Product/Service/Works Keywords: Automobile battery for dfwp
Among the company's achievements was the production of the world's first software-managed intelligent automobile battery.
The total energy output is comparable to a typical automobile battery, but is one-tenth the weight, easily portable and particularly appropriate for emergency automotive applications or as a power source to campers and boaters.
Three would-be startup teams where all members are either POSTECH students or researchers demonstrated a biodegradable stent that could solve artery hardening using a bio 3D printer, a large-sized electric automobile battery management system and a location-based emotion delivering SNS app inspired by dandelion spores through this event.
Among the company's innovations is the world's first software-managed intelligent automobile battery.
Its uses include charging an automobile battery with included charger cables, a warning emergency light with red lens cap and flashing option, a fluorescent bulb to illuminate a work area when making emergency repairs, 6V/ 9V/ 12V outputs and two 12V cigarette socket outlets which may be used to power many portable electrical appliances, built in LED indicator monitors to indicate the status of the POWER MAX battery, and a two way charging system for easy recharging.
Two key, specific commercial target markets the rechargeable automobile battery sectors and batteries for mobile electronic devices used in smartphones, computing tablets and laptop computers were identified in the agreement.
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