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a vending machine from which you can get food

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a cafeteria where food is served from machines

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The Rowa automats complement our product portfolio for picking medium and slow moving products, as well as in the areas of cold storage, anaesthetics and returns applications.
Implementation method into programmable automat can be described in four steps.
There are two possibilities to implement Petri net into programmable automat.
It provides communication interface between programmable automat B&R and user applications.
In this programmable automat the Petri net is stored into memory and the simulation core reads this simple script and executes it.
Contract notice: injection pumps and infusion automats
Contract notice: Network connectivity of surface automats.
Deliver, place and manage hot and cold drinks vending machines and snack automats in full service system in the buildings of the Belgian Railways.
DHL Paket will be installing its own automats for the first time.
We will examine the use of these automats in European markets very closely and selectively use them to establish our B2C operations in other countries, JE-rgen Gerdes underscored.
Names of Vendors Qualified after Technical Evaluation : 1) ANANT AUTOMATS PVT.
In 1957 the state arsenal Crvena Zastava in Kragujevac began production of a modified TT33 Tokarev known as the Pistolj I Automat M.
Needing a smaller, lighter pistol for police and army officers, in 1970 Crvena Zastava developed a blowback pistol, the Pistolj Automat M.
The final design combined features of the SIG P226 and Walther P88 and was adopted in 1991 as the Pistolj I Automat CZ99.
9mm Metak za Pistolj I Automat CZ99--Yugoslav issue ammunition uses a tapered, rimless case 19mm long whose 124-grain FMJ bullet is propelled to approximately 1150 fps.