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someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

a mechanism that can move automatically

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i] (k) | represents the number of actions that learning automaton can take, also indicates the number of sensing directions of [s.
Critique: Profusely illustrated throughout, impressively informed and informative, "Automata" is the most substantial survey of this popular topic currently available for both scholars and non-specialist general readers on the subject, and is a very highly recommended core addition to both community and academic library collections with respect to automatons.
The automaton then returns an answer "Yes, I accept this input," or "No, I do not accept this input.
If each entity contained in the OA-automaton context is represented as a measurement in a multidimensional space, then the automaton state K is a point in this space.
A hybrid automaton is a formal model for a dynamic system with discrete and continuous components (Figure 1).
Our electronic stem cells, or cellular automaton algorithms, seem to be good at restoring expected functionality in an electronic device.
A two-way nondeterministic finite automaton (2NFA) is defined in the same way as [1.
A non deterministic pushdown automaton or NPDA is a 7-tuple M = (Q, [SIGMA], [?
simple: automaton is clocked during a period of time T equal to: T= 2m 1
Fans of the automatons and clockwork gears in Brian Selznik's The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Scholastic, 2007/VOYA February 2007) will enjoy this novel.
A TA is a finite state automaton augmented with clocks: real variables that can be reset to 0, and other- wise increase at a uniform rate.
The Automaton in English Renaissance Literature: Literary and Scientific Cultures of Early Modernity.
Descartes constructed an automaton he named Francine.
It is an extension of cellular automaton approach, achieved by incorporating some basic postulates and relations of particle-related methods [6].
In the paper we introduce a biomolecular implementation of the push-down automaton (one of the theoretical models of computing devices with unbounded memory) using DNA molecules.