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someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

a mechanism that can move automatically

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In 2005, the theory of general fuzzy automata was firstly proposed by Doostfatemeh and Kermer [11] which is used to resolve the problem of assigning membership values to active states of the fuzzy automaton and its multi-membership.
He had a model built from the plans and then a full-size reaper that was called the "Automaton."
A learning automaton refers to an adaptive decision-making unit improving its own performance through learning how to choose the optimal action from a finite set of actions and performs it on a random environment [28].
Synopsis: An automaton is a self-operating machine, or a machine or control mechanism designed to automatically follow a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions.
Some problems of finite automaton (FA) traversing labyrinths can be found in [4, 5].
The automaton model (Final State Machine, FSM) is more suitable for modeling sequential processes.
Keywords: Transducer, automaton, non-adjacent form, Hamming weight, tutorial
The author traces the development of a cinematic, literary, and rhetorical figure he calls the ohuman automaton,o an individual without free will who is programmed or brainwashed into acting or speaking without conscious control.
Truitt's study commences with the ninth century, which marks the appearance of the first automaton in the West, and ends in the late Middle Ages, a time when automata populated the various spaces of Western society, from royal court, to public square and church.
In computer science there have been interesting models made of biological solutions over the last 20-30 years, such as neural networks, cellular automaton, and evolutionary computing.
[32]: There exists a promise problem that can be solved by quantum pushdown automata exactly but not by any deterministic pushdown automaton. Recently, Ambainis and Yakaryilmaz [2] showed that there is an infinite family of promise problems which can be solved exactly just by tuning transition amplitudes of a one-way two-state quantum finite automaton (QFA), whereas the size of the corresponding classical automata grows above any fixed limit.
In what follows we prove that the languages [L.sub.1] and [L.sub.2] (defined below) are context free by designing non deterministic pushdown automaton that accepts them.
This test technique called pseudo-ring (or p-) testing is based on emulation of the linear automaton in particular LFSR by memory itself.
Maelzel owns the Turk, an automaton chess master who has dazzled audiences across Europe and America with his mysterious ability to beat human opponents.
(1) By applying the time words to describe the automaton of input/output action, it provides clearer and more detailed temporal information description for the automata model, which contains both the moment and the period information.