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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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This paper aims at showing the constraints and benefits both from an institutional and the test user's perspectives of automatizing the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).
This should aid in automatizing the extraction of asymptotic formulae for coefficients of mixed powers generating functions as well as multivariable generating functions.
Suellentrop concludes that because the design of video games rewards players for uncovering, accepting, and following certain "rules," these games may well be creating a generation of organizational "yes men" whose innovational skills are limited to thinking within reductionist and ultimately automatizing systems.
Despite the protestations against it, memorization has the advantage of automatizing aspects of problem solving and so freeing the mind for more abstract thoughts.
The authors of these articles suggest that teachers circumvent these mechanical problems by giving them a low priority, by automatizing them, or by having children use other technologies to compose.
For now, Novosoft primarily focuses on different software solutions automatizing business processes.
The built-in programs of the Master/Slave operation mode offer users the option of automatizing the light to react to background music in combination with other light sources.