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Synonyms for automatize

turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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This should aid in automatizing the extraction of asymptotic formulae for coefficients of mixed powers generating functions as well as multivariable generating functions.
devices for automatizing mechanical tasks of teaching, namely
We speculate that synchronous local activation of representations in cortical auditory, visual and motor maps is required for foveation, attention to visual detail in words, and automatizing phoneme-grapheme associations.
The authors of these articles suggest that teachers circumvent these mechanical problems by giving them a low priority, by automatizing them, or by having children use other technologies to compose.
For now, Novosoft primarily focuses on different software solutions automatizing business processes.
We also manufacture wrapping machines for boxes as well as the latest simple equipment for automatizing our Tea Bag Machines.
The built-in programs of the Master/Slave operation mode offer users the option of automatizing the light to react to background music in combination with other light sources.
The exchange will generate internal procurement savings for buyers and sellers by simplifying and automatizing their processes while reducing transaction costs, and sharing best practices.