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Synonyms for automatize

turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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They want to escape from the encounter and, thus, they automatize care itself.
Due to this, they automatize assistance without self-management, and there is not a self-analysis in group to potentialize the presence of her subjectivity and to create new therapeutic paths in the practice of Rosa's care.
The Service Oriented Technology (Erl, 2009) or SOA (acronym for Service Oriented Architecture) that has as its main goal, in the context of this paper, to facilitate services creation (SOA applications) that will automatize the business processes related to the organization's financial and accounting areas.
This activity aims at evaluating de company current scenario analyzing the following elements: (a) the business processes that should be already structured, defined and efficient; (b) the information systems, which automatize the business processes and from which the legacy components will be extracted to be transformed into services and; (c) governance structure or program necessary to structure and control IT processes, which will allow the adequate use of resources for developing and maintaining service oriented solutions.
COBIT and ITIL, together, structure and improve IT processes that support the information systems (SOA applications), which automatize the company business processes, in order to achieve its strategy.