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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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The automatized inking procedure would likely result in more consistent stamping than the actual manual one.
It avoids disturbing sounds which would usually be generated by automatized equipment.
Whole sections of the formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues of the cases were stained by the avidin-biotin peroxidase complex method using anti-NIS antibody [SPM186] (Abcam, Cambridge, USA; dilution 1:100) by automatized staining system (Leica, Weitzlar, Germany).
As far as I can see, what is truly worthwhile in Steen's discussion is his using cognitive-linguistics' "conceptualization" (originally aimed at revealing the metaphorical in automatized local expressions) to investigate the extended metaphor on the scale of a whole poem or even a volume of poems, and that he persuasively explores the interaction between the overall conceptual framework and (deliberately used) local metaphorical expressions.
That example suggests that not the website or website information is the primary target, as a defaced or compromised site will be the source of other automatized hacks towards other targeted sites or services.
This provides a solvent-free methodology for printing graphene oxide devices in all shapes and all substrates using the roll-to-roll automatized mechanism present in the wax printing machine.
It outlines the clarification and measurement of neurocognitive correlates of reading disabilities and considers reading skills in children with and without disabilities; reading-related commonalities for specific groups; whether visual attention improves the understanding of reading disabilities and comorbidity with SLI and ADHD; reading-related component modeling with Rapid Automatized Naming, phonemic awareness, and experimental measurements that use visual attention; neurophysiological validation of previous research findings for reading-related cognitive predictors; and the implications of reading-related component modeling for future intervention studies.
Eakasera' is automatized and serves as the background from which 'lakasoro' is created and used as an idiom.
The Role of Phonological Awareness and Rapid Automatized Naming in the Prediction of Reading Difficulties in Portuguese
In the focused meditation technique, the practitioners train sustained and concentrated attention on a single focus in a more systematic way, so as to develop the skill of more easily not becoming engaged, or of disengaging oneself from the usual mental processes, which are often automatized and dysfunctional (Lutz, Slagter, Dunne, & Davidson, 2008).
No matter how automatized the production line may be, human labor will not cease to exist in a process such as cellular manufacturing.
They have almost automatized orders in their hands," Erdoy-an said of the issue of jailed reporters, adding that he asked the group where they got their information, but they declined to reveal the source.
Essas pesquisadoras elaboraram a tarefa denominada Rapid Automatized Naming (Nomeacao Seriada Rapida) (1) que acabou se tornando uma medida padrao para avaliar a nomeacao seriada rapida.