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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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Equipment that most of the wineries cannot supply is required, the latest technologies are relatively expensive, automatized and guarantee for quality of bottled wine," said Professor Dr.
This module has automatized the iterative determination of the required embedded length in parts.
iPoint's solutions ensure automatized and secure exchange of relevant information across the whole value chain - from product concept over the production and use, to recycling and reuse.
Screening and pretest measures assessed phonological awareness, letter-name knowledge, rapid automatized naming, and receptive vocabulary.
The Impact of Rapid Automatized Naming and Phonological Awareness on the Reading Fluency of a Minority Student Population --Gordon E.
Digital humanities is concerned with the ways in which information circulates materially and with heuristics that may allow for collective, potentially even unattended, automatized procedures leading up to new research questions.
Manipulated, automatized, made into a fetish, Man loses the experience of his own totality; horrified, he stares as a stranger at himself, unable not to be what he is not, nor to be what he is.
According to Rogozin, the Russian army needs cutting-edge automatized and robotic arms because the armed forces face severe shortage of personnel.
Implementation of the automatized cutting represents the most significant technical upgrade for a surgeon.
Marked by a 'terminal speculative bubble crisis' (442), this chaotic contemporary condition is also, as in Amalgamemnon, distinguished by a new disequilibrium in world markets and a breakdown of the financial and economic power of the West: 'As sino-pacific boom and automatized global economic integration crashes the neocolonial world system, the metropolis is forced to re-endogenize its crisis.
When you do the same sequence over and over again, your memory can be partially automatized so you have the ability to do another task concurrently," she added.
The greatest advantage of MPC-based algorithms is the ability to deal with the given constraints and automatized controller design.
These data also underscore the importance of golf self efficacy in contributing positively to multiple aspects of the management of one's game, such as being more involved in the sport (re: GPS commitment scores), viewing one's putting as more adequate, engaging in more physical and mental preparatory activities prior to play, exhibiting more improvement-related behaviors, and thinking in a more automatized fashion while playing.
In brief, stress appraisals coupled with deficits in coping resources result in psychophysiological reactivity, perseverative cognition, and negative affect, which in turn trigger automatized schemata to deploy sequences of maladaptive cognitive-behavioral processes that result in compulsive alcohol consumption in spite of often severe consequences for drinking.