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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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Two years later, Schlafhorst was once again at the cutting edge of the automatization trend with the Autoconer X5.
Although some evidence for holistic processing comes from studies on idioms and language acquisition, showing that frequency and automatization possibly play a role in the holistic processing, Wood argues that it is still questionable whether the power of input and exposure to language, especially naturally occurring language, affects processing of formulaic language more or less holistically.
The result is an all-in-one platform, which incorporates automatization tools that will help simplify ad campaign launch and management and optimize daily routine.
Automatization of several steps performed manually during cataract surgery by femtosecond lasers is expected to augment the demand for ophthalmic lasers in this application.
As the OECD has warned, the automatization of manual and repetitive tasks will chiefly affect those without college degrees -- the same group that is already frustrated with their economic circumstances.
The growth can be attributed to the rising automotive sales, growing need for automatization in industries, increasing security concerns, and ongoing technological developments in consumer electronics in countries, such as India, South Korea, and Japan, in the APAC region.
Some researchers (Shimizu, 2012; Uleman, Newman, & Moskowitz, 1996) have argued that long-term practice with specific social judgments leads to their automatization and proceduralization.
A lot of today's publications are allocated for optimization, automatization and application of artificial intelligence in heating systems creation.
In addition, automatization of UM allows to improve quality and increase the speed of operations, performing by the remote operated UV.
In soliciting wonder, authors employ parallel strategies to make readers simultaneously doubt the truth status of representation and marvel at the ordinary, thereby combating both "the automatization of perception" and "the automatization of belief (55).
Poul Hestback, senior vice president of commercial and trade management at Hamburg Sud, told Latin Trade there is still a lot of automatization that can be brought online, such as the treatment and cleaning of cargo as it enters and leaves a country.
A Roland Berger (2014) prospective analysis of the French labour market indicates that 42% of occupations are at risk of automatization due to digitisation of the workplace since 2000.
In the production of automated change machines, a low-cost operation is achieved by automatization of simple operations.
ROBOT OLYMPICS/ISTANBUL: The ninth edition of robot Olympics which was held by Organized by the Istanbul Technical University (yTE[pounds sterling]) Control and Automatization Club (OTOKON), kicked off on Thursday, which brought together many different types of robots.
Among the growing trends in flexo technology, MPS focuses on automatization.