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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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All textbooks contain exercises with a certain degree of dosed novelty and capability for automatization, but this degree is not empirically tested or optimized what means that these exercises are not really suitable for increasing learning efficiency.
Ironically, however, this surgical generation of "life" requires a concomitant automatization of judge's consciousness that contradicts the ethics his code name implies.
has invested more than $55 billion during the 1980s on automatization.
The automatization system has to guarantee an effective balancing of functions between programmable computer control, process control and weighing computers.
Frequent high volume output demands automatization, avoiding repetitive steps.
Sensotech has developed security sensors intended for the automotive industry ("Accessor"), for public transportation ("Class"), for elevators ("Sensolift") and for robotics and automatization ("Robosense"), as well as additional products based on Sensotech's unique technology.
The new case and document management system supports our broader change to improve our services and make them more efficient with the help of digitalization and automatization.
After moderate 1% growth in 2012 (a reflection of the economic downturn facing the global industry), an upturn is expected in the future, thanks to the automatization trend in Asian factories, new capital expenditures in the semiconductor industry and the emergence of new low-end applications.
Automatacity and reading: Perspective from the instance theory of automatization, Reading and Writing Quarterly, 13, 123-146.
2%, is expected to go to the mechanization or automatization of production processes and to the introduction of new production technologies.
With the decrease of the instrumental time, it will be necessary to increase the level of automatization of our measurements without rendering them less flexible.
Automatization manipulation of workpieces by "Pick and Place" manipulator.
He has been involved in several research and commercial projects on strategic planning, methodologies for IS development, using intelligent agents and business process automatization and management.
Drawing on Hegel's theory of consciousness, Robinson argues that automatization, or the act of seeing the world habitually, amounts (for Shklovsky) to an erosion of the self's sense of being in the world.
Vision plays an important role in motor skill performance as vision guides and controls the acquisition, differentiation, and automatization of motor skills (Brambring, 2001).