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any reaction that occurs automatically without conscious thought or reflection (especially the undirected behavior seen in psychomotor epilepsy)

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Heffel is also offering one of Borduas's copies of Refus global, (Estimate: $8,000 ~ $10,000 CAD) the 1948 manifesto by the Montreal-based Automatist artists that many believe helped shape modern Quebec culture (and also resulted in Borduas being fired from his teaching position).
All four of the artists honored in the Hirshhorn exhibit studied in Europe, particularly in Paris, and were steeped in avant-garde ideas, from Cubism to automatist Surrealism.
Each artwork is a finished product of this "inspirational" process and incorporates elements of two-dimensional design ranging from automatist drawings, transverse value, various color schemes, simulated texture, symbolism, pointillism, bas relief, and other techniques.
Although Jamie has long insisted that his "drawings have always been rendered automatically," his reliance on procedures of layering and erasure marks his distance from the automatist legacy of Surrealism, a movement toward which he expresses a certain aversion, although that has not stopped critics from interpreting his latest work through this lens.
Beyond immediate sensation or the phenomenology of everyday life, Lawrence's syntax and style express an automatist energy in the blood-consciousness with which the Brangwen men are surcharged.
Each of the periods of Borduas's work is well-represented in "Borduas and the Automatist Epic" but the most impressive part of the show is its assemblage of his late, generously scaled black and white abstractions, painted after he moved to Paris in 1955.
This part of the show concluded with a concise selection of automatist works by Surrealists Robert Desnos, Andre Masson, Yves Tanguy, and Breton's paramour and muse Nadia.