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any reaction that occurs automatically without conscious thought or reflection (especially the undirected behavior seen in psychomotor epilepsy)

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The eco-class struggle is the struggle of life forms against the automatist operations of power that cannot stop its pursuit of interests (de-commonization) and dares to seek to manage and control catastrophe (negative commonization) for its own continuation.
Of course, there were precedents for this excoriation, pyromania and dismemberment, notably the decalcomanic, frottaged, automatist Exquisite Corpse of the Surrealists, echoed by works such as Hans Bellmer's The Worm-Eaten and the Creased.
I worked as a social worker on the street and attended an art course at night school where I met Frere Jerome, an automatist, so I started doing automatic painting.
Pollock's unconscious, to the extent that it was called upon by his automatist methods to supply him with images, forms, and ideas, turned out to be a very limited resource.
All four of the artists honored in the Hirshhorn exhibit studied in Europe, particularly in Paris, and were steeped in avant-garde ideas, from Cubism to automatist Surrealism.
Influenced heavily by <IR> ALAIN GRANDBOIS </IR> (1900-1975), surrealism, and the revolutionary Refus global (1948) of the painter Paul-Emile Borduas, automatist writers such as <IR> ROLAND GIGUERE </IR> (1929- ) and <IR> PAULMARIE LAPOINTE </IR> (1929- ) invented new forms and rhythms.
Each artwork is a finished product of this "inspirational" process and incorporates elements of two-dimensional design ranging from automatist drawings, transverse value, various color schemes, simulated texture, symbolism, pointillism, bas relief, and other techniques.
The ceramics were handmade, but here, as with his later paintings, they went a step further, into excess--we see the hand behaving badly, as if its products were some kind of automatist convulsion from the body that made them.