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any reaction that occurs automatically without conscious thought or reflection (especially the undirected behavior seen in psychomotor epilepsy)

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This characterization of automatism as negating the actus reas, however, is highly debatable.
In Clark's skeptical assessment, Breton's dialectical wager--his hope that a surrender to linguistic automatism might enable a recuperation of deep psychic forces--is vitiated by his allegiance to the mimetic and anthropomorphic premises he purports to have left behind: "When the surrealist Prometheus is unbound, nothing is left but the pile of bandages that make up the body" (212).
The Crown argues that this passage creates a halfway house defence of anger, between non-mental disorder automatism and provocation.
Breton hoped that if everyone liberated their minds by means of automatism, the result might be political change, the collapse of the State, the institution of some real and meaningful communication between minds.
Psychic automatism in its pure state by which one proposes to express--verbally, by means of the written word, or in any other manner--the actual functioning of thought.
The goal is to let God's growth automatism flourish instead of wasting energy on human-made programs.
What ignited this heady amalgam of modernist pictorial aesthetics and Jungian psychology in Pollock's painting was the Surrealist doctrine of automatism, which was itself derived from the Freudian concept of the unconscious.
Exceptions to this automatism occur mainly in the Peshitta, rarely in Targum Onqelos, and in Targum Jonathan.
Mention of formulaic automatism would have illuminated line 5675.
Thus it will move from such conditions as Victorian romanticism; Modernist heroics, Minimalism, Diagrams, the representation (and inspiration) of movement, technology and motive power; through to notions and examples of digital automatism.
This market includes the drops, supplies and works needed for the renovation (IEG - automatism area HTA, .
But an artist like Gorky used automatism to break from tradition; Moran, perhaps more modestly, seems more interested in shaking up the nature of her picture making and pictorial organization while still anchoring it in a hint of reality.
However automatism would be difficult to prove where the medical condition is pre-existing.
She introduces the subject of affect, crowds and the problem of personality, media technologies and the problem of telepathy, new materialisms, affect and energy in rhythm and transmission, the problem with automatism, and what neuroscience has shown us about the bicameral brain and our apparent double consciousness.
The Message is a fascinating contribution to the study of mediumship, automatism, and art, although it has minor flaws, including an irregular translation organization (the English translation is at the very end except for the Breton chapter), some translation errors, and other slips such as including references to images that are nowhere to be found in the book.