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Synonyms for automatize

turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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Shklovsky suggests that to counter the insipidness of automatised language, the word needs to be resurrected by deautomatizing it.
Automatised manufacturing systems are manufacturing devices with variant automation level.
A learner's state of competence at a given point in time is a complex constellation of facts and concepts and the networks that interconnect them; of automatised procedures and conscious heuristics and their relationships to knowledge patterns that signal their relevance; of perspectives and strategies and the management capabilities by which the learner focuses his efforts.
The coordination is difficult because the children have not fully automatised tasks; so, for example, they cannot balance on a beam and perform some other task such as counting backwards.
Dominant elements in this hierarchy become automatised and are then replaced by less dominant ones (cf.
This may indeed be true for native speakers of a language (for whom the Labovian framework was originally designed), whose speech production processes are fully automatised and do not re quire conscious control.
Initially all four police stations of Shimla will be automatised.
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