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Synonyms for automation

the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology

the condition of being automatically operated or controlled

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equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation

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I am excited to be joining QSR, a company known for sophisticated hospitality automation solutions as well as the highest level of responsiveness to customer and partner needs," said Sonntag.
A recent study of 100 leading phone, cable and electric utilities shows that only two percent of these utilities are prepared to implement "Neighborhood Automation," a new concept that digitally links homes and businesses within a physical neighborhood.
Neighborhood Automation is a new concept that establishes an advanced, secure network that allows neighbors to help each other manage their homes online.
The Neighborhood Automation platform provides modern communities with unprecedented abilities to communicate and share resources among local neighbors, friends, family and local service providers.
is a San Francisco based company that is the first to implement Neighborhood Automation.
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