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Synonyms for automation

the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology

the condition of being automatically operated or controlled

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equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation

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Nationwide, integrators such as Near Future are blazing new trails by creating office automation solutions that barely existed a few years ago.
Traditionally automation has targeted large business and high-volume backup applications.
You've also heating more about storage process automation with the avalanche of regulatory compliance statutes, such as SEC Rule 17a-4, HIPAA, 21CFR Part 11 and Sarbanes-Oxley.
Carter Holt Harvey, New Zealand has ordered a Metso Automation Sensodec 6S Condition and Runnability monitoring system for its Kinleith Linerboard Mill.
Simply put, the technology of forms automation (or electronic forms) allows the image of the form to be created and stored digitally on a computer.
This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled European Clinical Diagnostics Automation Markets provides an overview of automated solutions available for clinical diagnostic laboratories together with the revenues of each market.
A storage management automation solution needs to identify unused storage resources, the opportunity for sharing such unused resource, and determine the best placement of frequently used vs.
The new company, whose legal name will be Advanced Automation LP, will be known as Advanced Automation, with worldwide headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania.
Consequently, although there was a desire for tape automation in the low-end server market space, few automation products were purchased and installed.
a proven leader and pioneer in Run Book and IT Process Automation solutions, today announced a technology alliance with Opsware Inc.
Cooper Power Systems (CPS) today announced the formation of its Energy Automation Solutions (EAS) business unit to meet growing utility demand for automation technologies and expertise.
Advanced Automation, a leading provider of manufacturing technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies and other businesses, has been named "2007 System Integrator of the Year" from among peer companies worldwide.
90+ Out-of-the-Box Workflow Processes, New Integration Packs, Dashboard, and Newly Unveiled Solutions Allow for Easy Automation of Key Processes
This announcement endorses the longstanding alliance relationship that DuPont and Rockwell Automation have shared over the last 15 years for PLC-based control systems.
Mitsubishi Electric Automation has maintained a longstanding relationship with Rixan Associates of Dayton, Ohio, to sell and support all Mitsubishi Electric robots in North America.
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