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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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Esker is a recognized leader in helping organizations streamline manual, paper-intensive processes and reduce the use of paper by automating the flow of documents into, within and outside the organization.
Movaris OneClose customers realize: more analysis time by automating routine workflows, reduced audit fees from auto-generated evidence binders and increased accuracy of financial reports by reconciling, unifying, and standardizing processes throughout a company's global finance organization.
The study reports that by automating compliance and related financial management processes, and addressing the close activities, companies can lower risk of error, gain visibility to ensure accuracy in financial reporting and decrease the effort necessary for regulatory compliance.
It comes down to automating the 'last mile' of finance - the series of interdependent tasks that a finance organization must perform on a quarterly basis to produce the data and disclosures for internal and external financial reports.
IT operations managers, who understand the challenges and potential benefits of automating key IT management processes, should consider RBA as a way to achieve this objective, according to the report.
Nuance has been a provider of automated directory assistance since 1999, and all of the company's implementations are based on technology that has been automating customer interactions since 1996.
By automating all of the nightly processing as well as many other operational functions with AutoMate, Community Bank & Trust of Florida saves at least 20 hours of labor per week and provides better customer service with a guarantee of timely transactions.
By automating much of our core processing, AutoMate has freed our staff to bring more value to the bank's products and services instead of wasting time on mindless, time-consuming tasks," said Jeff Stafford, senior technology and information security officer at Community Bank & Trust of Florida.
Nasdaq:OPSW), the leading provider of IT automation and utility computing software, today announced at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2005 the immediate availability of The Shortcut Guide to Automating Network Management and Compliance.
But what these teams don't realize is that tools already exist that can drive straight-through batch application processing -- automating disparate application landscapes and reducing manual handoffs to improve data integrity, facilitate event-driven processing and help to meet the increased security requirements that legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley demands.
The compliance engine has unique ways of identifying deviations from policies and automating remediation at any level of granularity.
The successful implementation of automating the delivery of purchase orders has made life easier for some 85 people within Associated Packaging and spawned the company to consider Esker DeliveryWare for the automated delivery of other critical documents that drive Associated Packaging's business processes and support the company's operations.
Jtest is designed to help developers catch errors early in development and prevent entire classes of similar errors in the future by automating practices such as unit testing and coding standard checking.
By automating more resolutions, end-users will be able to successfully solve more of their own problems.
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