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Synonyms for automatic

Synonyms for automatic

acting or happening without apparent forethought, prompting, or planning

performed or performing automatically and impersonally

Synonyms for automatic

a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released

operating with minimal human intervention

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resembling the unthinking functioning of a machine

without volition or conscious control

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With listening passage preview there is less anxiety and a form of automaticity is beginning to develop due to the model from the teacher or peer.
And let us recall that there are also positive reasons why a performer may wish to avoid automaticity and suddenly change their interpretation "in the moment," for artistic reasons.
Building automaticity to strengthen mathematical proficiency.
Automaticity refers to the ability to recognize words automatically or effortlessly (LaBerge and Samuels, 1974).
For the reasons outlined previously, the present study has three aims: (1) examine whether gait automaticity is different between patients with CFS and nondisabled controls, (2) examine the test-retest reliability of the SWECCT test for assessing gait automaticity in patients with CFS, and (3) examine whether impairment in gait automaticity is associated with combined trunk and arm endurance in patients with CFS.
The curriculum in this program, while different from the first two interventions, also focused on reducing automaticity.
While automaticity may have been working against you and your weight loss goals for years, it can work for you.
Its automaticity not only speeds up the production time, but also improves the accuracy of machine parts.
Moscow's UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, said Russian haggling had resulted in a resolution "of a balanced nature," while stressing that "there is no automaticity in taking sanctions.
Each chapter reviews an area of research on learning and findings on topics like why students don't like school, whether knowledge is an obstacle to teaching, the teacher-student relationship, the teacher's personality, the recitation method, teaching for automaticity in basic academic skills, the role of feedback, acquiring complex skills through social modeling and explicit teaching, expertise, knowledge acquisition and storage, the impact of cognitive load, memory, mnemonics, learning styles, multitasking, students as digital natives, the internet and thinking, how music impacts learning, self-enhancement, confidence, self-control, social interactions, inattentional blindness, and effort.
Although the text of the resolution will include a reference to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, Gatilov stressed there will be "no automaticity in engaging" in military or non-military actions without a separate discussion at the UN Security Council.
This collection of nine essays, published by Ashgate's Literary and Scientific Cultures of Early Modernity series, examines automata, automaticity, and "literary fantasies of animation" in early modern English literature.
While there are any number of ways such preconscious processing affects human beings, a very brief exploration in one area, person perception, will demonstrate the character of the automaticity research stream.
A senior security source at Whitehall said that there is a close intelligence relationship between the UK and US and a number of other countries including Australia and Canada and there is no automaticity, not everything is shared and a sentient human being takes decisions.
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