automatic teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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Local Queens, NY bank Carver Federal Savings is, once again, assisting the students with direct deposit checking accounts and automatic teller machine cards for those who fill out an application and open an account.
TNS' proprietary network technologies have been deployed in the United States and internationally, and TNS' networks have become preferred networks servicing the trading community, wireless and wireline carriers, and the card processing and dial-up automatic teller machine markets.
Joseph Navar Downey is accused of abducting a couple as they sat in their car in Sherman Oaks on Monday night, sexually assaulting the woman and forcing the man to withdraw cash from an automatic teller machine.
The jury convicted the career criminal of robbery, burglary, kidnapping for purposes of robbery and carjacking, and two counts of using Avril's automatic teller machine card to make withdrawals.
The arrests may have been a lucky break for police, who had been tracking a group of robbers hitting automatic teller machine vaults in West Los Angeles and throughout the area.
A holdup in August of that year killed a guard and wounded another as they picked up night receipts at a bank automatic teller machine in Venice, and another guard was killed in February 1996 as he picked up cash from a school cafeteria in Carson.
In November 2002, the Las Vegas Sun reported that gaming regulators in Nevada had approved a sports- and race-betting kiosk concept, which operates similarly to an automatic teller machine.
FiSCA members provide a wide variety of financial services and products to their communities, including check cashing, money orders, money transfers, and electronic bill payment services, automatic teller machine access, government benefit and payroll payments, deferred deposit services, electronic tax preparation, prepaid debit cards, deposit acceptance services, public transportation fare and token sales, motor vehicle license plate and title distribution, postage stamp sales and numerous other services.
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