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Synonyms for provision

Synonyms for provision

Synonyms for provision

a stipulated condition

a store or supply of something (especially of food or clothing or arms)

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supply with provisions

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through automatic provisioning of application delivery and security services.
They can keep the performance and security benefits of running in a single-tenant environment, get the automatic provisioning, scaling and failover of the cloud, and reduce hardware, storage, management and power costs at the same time.
Zend Server provides infrastructure automation through automatic provisioning and configuration control for PHP applications, as well as elastic scaling for cloud-based apps.
It brings you provisioning, management and billing controls and helps you runa business with efficiency and results in increased ROI because MachPanel Lync's automatic provisioning service enables you to save time, reduce operational cost and increase overall throughput.
The solution provides: automatic provisioning of virtual and physical fabric resources in dynamic data centres and cloud environments; enforcement of security and isolation on the fabric across virtual and physical elements; an engine that translates business requirements to data centre fabric policies; and correlation of monitored data to application/service level.
lt;p>Nasuni's NAS file server runs in a VMware virtual machine and integrates with either Amazon S3 or Iron Mountain remote storage services, while providing features such as encryption, caching, deduplication, automatic provisioning, and synchronous snapshots.
Virtualization actually ranges from a visual screen where administrators can make changes to their storage assignments, up to automatic provisioning where the software does it for you.
The Colibria Companion IM Gateway reportedly supports such functions as: adherence to the MSN IM Gateway test cases; send/receive individual IM; view contacts; support for multiple groups; set presence status; emoticons; automatic provisioning on gateway.
In addition to automatic provisioning of isolated private networks and self-service provisioning of both additional private networks and public IP addresses, Abiquo 2.
Additionally, Elemental will highlight the industry's most advanced MPEG-DASH implementation, automatic provisioning of live channels in the cloud, CDN-independent ad insertion, "second-generation" 4K with high dynamic range (HDR) and workflows for better optimizing content monetization.
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