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Synonyms for provision

Synonyms for provision

Synonyms for provision

a stipulated condition

a store or supply of something (especially of food or clothing or arms)

Related Words

supply with provisions

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Virtual machines already offer cost savings, but by adding this level of automatic provisioning, systems can become far more responsive to the demands of the business.
Here is where the industry needs a broadly adopted standard that everyone can use in providing the automatic provisioning so that it works with all OS's, all transports and all device types.
The Cloud Ready Data Center features centralized IT resources, as well as collaborative management of blade servers, and storage and network equipment, realizing automatic provisioning of computing resources and scalable cloud data services required to support future-proof smooth capacity expansion.
The billing system is fully integrated with automatic provisioning and management, while its flexibility allows billing for initial and recurring fees for hosting plans, resources, individual applications and custom services.
That's because virtualization is an underlying technology for lots of other good things, including storage resource management (SRM), automatic provisioning, and volume management services.
Grandstreams Automatic Provisioning System (GAPS) gives IT administrators and service providers direct control over the device provisioning and facilitates the mass deployment of its complete array of IP endpoints, surveillance cameras, and gateways.
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