automatic firearm

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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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The first part comprises killings by sharp shooters, the second results of direct shoots by automatic firearm and semi-automatic weapon, more likely by the law enforcement officers.
A SECURITY officer at a Category A jail was seized at work by police after an automatic firearm was found at his home.
Police said an automatic firearm was used in the targeted attack although only forensic testing of the eight bullets recovered from the family home will reveal if a semi-automatic handgun or machine pistol was used.
The second and most important issue deals with what actually defines a legal semi-automatic firearm verses a prohibited fully automatic firearm.
threaded barrel; second pistol grip; barrel shroud; capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip; or semiautomatic version of an automatic firearm.
We believe the weapon used was an automatic firearm, and we are doing a full forensic recovery at the house from bullets lodged in the window frames and from the fascia of the house.
The firearm can readily be converted from a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic firearm.
Up to six houses were raided in the Moyross area on Saturday afternoon and one automatic firearm and ammunition were seized.
Michael Little, 40, resident of Stockton - Charged Federally with maliciously damaging by means of an explosive, a building used in activity affecting interstate commerce in violation of Title 18, USC, Section 844(i) and making of a firearm in violation of Title 26, USC, Section 5801 and Section 5861(f) Jeffrey Keefover, 34, resident of Stockton - Charged Federally with making a firearm in violation of Title 26, USC, Section 5801 in violation of 26 USC, Section 5861(f) Steve Nemee, 35, resident of Stockton - Charged under California State law for possession of a fully automatic firearm and unregistered assault weapon as a result of the search at his residence
However, if this person wants to transfer the magazine to another gunowner, it will have to registered as if it were a fully automatic firearm.
Other developments, such as the expansion of the Automatic Firearms Country Control List, point to the erosion of military export control standards in Canada.
Some photos show a seized pick-up truck, in front of at least four mortars and some 30 mortar shells, along with automatic firearms, grenades, and other military equipment.
The National Observatory for Delinquency, a state body created in 2003 by then-Interior Minister and later President Nicolas Sarkozy, said while France bans semi-automatic and automatic firearms, the numbers of illegal weapons have jumped and continue to do so for years.
They were also researching automatic firearms, handguns, knives, explosives and tactical techniques, he said.
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