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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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It can also automate many provisioning steps when if expands the storage network.
Invio automates processes that link applications with storage services to make this possible.
Automated Build Studio 3 has an intuitive interface and unprecedented flexibility, allowing even inexperienced users to create complex visual macros that can automate repetitive or day-to-day tasks with the single click of a button.
Working together, Policy Commander and Lockdown Enforcer allow organizations to fully automate the tasks associated with compliance assessment, security policy implementation and enforcement, and security configuration remediation.
Opsware Orchestrator Includes iConclude Software to Automate Workflow Across the Data Center; Coordinates Activities Between Disparate IT Management Tools
STILL currently uses Esker DeliveryWare combined with the Esker on Demand service to automate more than eight business document processes: payslips, order confirmations, supplier payment notices, customer debit notices, long-term rental invoicing, customer account statements, export delivery confirmations and assembly slips.
Movaris OneClose is the industry's only application suite that automates and unifies these processes with a company's financial statements, creating a new auditable, transparent system of record.
Technologies that automate and unify account reconciliation, SOX 404 compliance, and financial close processes must be viewed as essential components of sustainable compliance," stated John Van Decker, senior vice president and principal research fellow, Robert Frances Group.
And with its breadth of support for the leading service management applications, such as BMC, CA, HP, and IBM, Opalis enables IT to automate and orchestrate IT processes into ITIL best practices.
AppWorx 7 automates and integrates application processing, eliminating the manual effort, latency and human error that impede enterprise application performance.
To verify security, WebKing automates security static analysis and penetration testing to determine whether the application is vulnerable to Web security attacks and to verify that the organization's security policy is implemented and operating properly.
Equilibrium MediaRich is server-based media templating software that automates image production and enables the dynamic delivery of visual assets to any Web server cache and multi-channel device through proprietary HTML tags embedded in Web documents.
ADIS automates complete databases - not just lists of frequently requested numbers - and works with a diverse range of database structures.
Next Generation of Top-Ranked Opsware Server Automation System Fully Automates Compliance Management and Introduces New ExpressAutomation(TM) Feature Set
Tell-Eureka today announced LevelOne VoIP Agent, a speech-based self-service product that enables access to advanced features over the phone and automates customer care and technical support for VoIP phone service.
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