automated teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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The maximum transaction fee or surcharge that may be charged to the public, for the use of the automated teller machine services under this proposal, shall be three dollars ($3.
Automated teller machine operator means any person that operates an automated teller machine at which a consumer initiates an electronic fund transfer or a balance inquiry and that does not hold the account to or from which the transfer is made, or about which an inquiry is made.
This study covers the state of the World automated teller machines market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, distribution, technology, demand and geographical trends.
In the latest incident, an assailant apparently shot Jonathan Levin, son of Time Warner chief Gerald Levin, and used the high school teacher's bank card to withdraw $800 from an automated teller machine, presumably using Levin's personal identification number.
TNS' network technologies have been deployed in the United States and internationally, and TNS' networks have become preferred networks servicing the trading community, wireless and wireline carriers, and the card processing and dial-up automated teller machine markets.
Rawalpindi, March 07, 2010 (Frontier Star): Despite tall claims, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) of almost all the commercial banks in Rawalpindi City remain out of order at the start of every month, which creates problems for customers.
The bank will issue a cash card embedded with an IC chip to its customers and replace its automated teller machines (ATMs) with finger vein authentication terminals by the end of fiscal 2006.
Cash boxes for automated teller machines molded of this resin pass drop tests at -20 C (-4 F).
Automated teller machines, now an everyday way of banking, have been installed in convenient locations all over the country.
Named the Hartford Insurance Claim card, it can be used at more than 19 million locations that accept Visa, such as retailers, automated teller machines and banks.
Muto also said the ministry has been asking banks and railway companies to modify their automated teller machines and ticket vending machines to accept the notes.
Most people who use automated teller machines have used cryptography because the secret PINs required by the machines are encrypted before being sent to a computer that makes sure the number matches the card.
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