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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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In all provinces, at least three in 10 workers are employed in occupations that are likely automatable.
New Windows modules, enabling the management of Windows file sharing and the Windows firewall, further increasing Windows' automatable surface area within Ansible.
Just as previous automation did not lead irrevocably to higher wages, or 'free people' to perform other, less automatable jobs, (26) the idea that the ability to reduce scarcity necessarily leads to a reduction in scarcity for the masses and a more equal distribution of wealth is naive and contrary to the historical evidence.
A lot of what happens is people acquire these systems, but they don't understand or know what is automatable so they end up going through a learning process while they doing the implementation and that becomes really messy on a lot of levels.
There will be limits to this--fine motor movements are automatable, but often only with extreme cost.
By 2025, robots should be able to handle 30 to 40 per cent of automatable tasks in these industries.
Second, an updated reverse sequence algorithm based on the availability of automatable treponemal immunoassay suggests that samples may be screened using a treponemal assay (e.
However, they do not provide a standard approach to correctly identify all potentially elements in a fully automatic manner using formal specifications, and therefore, there is a need for Automatable rules based on standard transformation language.
Wako Diagnostics continues providing "best in class" chemistry reagents and unique automatable assays for diagnostic clinical use.
To eliminate the subjectivity and inaccuracy and to create an objective, streamlined and potentially automatable criteria, Center of Disease Control (CDC) now recommends surveillance of ventilator associated events (VAE) as a more general marker and defines it as sustained increase in patient's ventilator settings after a period of stable or decreasing support.
These on-going application developments provide a broad scope of SUS technologies that permitted biopharma to integrate various unit operations into a fully disposable automatable single-use system.