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a vending machine from which you can get food

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a cafeteria where food is served from machines

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9mm Metak za Pistolj I Automat CZ99--Yugoslav issue ammunition uses a tapered, rimless case 19mm long whose 124-grain FMJ bullet is propelled to approximately 1150 fps.
director of Food Trak Limited and Automat International Limited when
The award-winning Levine zeroes in on a point in time with cultural references like classic movies and the legendary Automat cafe.
An audience favorite was the solo adult dancer Nay Samadi, who danced to Edward Hopper's Automat (1927).
He cautioned that in view of these increasing prices, it was not possible to evolve the culture of LPG stations and the liquid as an automat stressing for decrease in local tariffs to facilitate masses.
Listen, we gotta have lunch at the Automat," Betty laughed.
The other day in Mayfair's Automat American Brasserie, The Dikler overheard a woman diner tell her two friends: "I've heard the Queen was so disappointed with Royal Ascot, she's not going next year.
The 'Harry Potter' star was joined by friends and family at Mayfair's Automat Club and Restaurant, in London, where she was showered with gifts.
In our laboratory, serum [kappa] and [lambda] FLC measurements are carried out with a nephelometric technique on the BNprospec automat (Dade Behring) using the Freelite reagents (The Binding Site) according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
Free Wi-Fi and ample electrical outlets complete JetBlue's "people-port" concept, along with an innovative twist on the old Automat restaurants: numerous touch-screen stands located throughout the terminal, where you can order snacks (prosciutto with figs and artisanal cheese, anyone?
The Crown Prosecution Service has decided to take no further action against the actor Jude Law following an allegation of assault outside Automat restaurant in central London on July 23," the Telegraph quoted a spokesman as saying.
Its multi-purpose outdoor areas are also perfect for social events along with the creation of two new leisure areas for fun and relaxation: the Club Elite Automat and the Beach Club.
Winning the League I title might be out of the question, but Town, just one off a century of goals in all competitions this season, go into their final game of the regular campaign at Exeter tomorrow sure of a play-off berth and with automat i c promotion as runners-up to Norwich s t i l l a possibility.
Ronnie, called the "evil goblin king" by his ex, Celebrity Big Brother contestant Ekaterina Ivanova, 21, was spotted with Ana last Saturday at London's 100 Club and at the Automat brasserie in Mayfair.
a slick magazine automat that can sit outside of cafes or pharmacies