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surgical removal of foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing

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A number of tools restore the bacterial balance at the superficial wound surface, including topical treatments for autolytic debridement and moisture balance, as well as antimicrobials.
It reduces pain, helps reduce bleeding, promotes and accelerates cellular regeneration by replicating the natural fibroconnective template, promotes natural autolysis and autolytic debridement by rehydrating and softening necrotic tissue and eschar, protects wound bed and newly formed granulation tissue, and absorbs wound exudates.
The highly breathable film acts as a waterproof barrier to external contaminants yet allows oxygen and moisture vapor exchange to prevent moisture build-up beneath the dressing, facilitating a moist environment for wound healing and autolytic debridement.
NU-GEL[R] Hydrogel with Alginate - a transparent hydro active amorphous gel containing sodium alginate creates a moist wound-healing environment, which assists with natural autolytic debridement and desloughing of wounds.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-17 Debridement II-17 Purpose of Debridement II-17 Factors Influencing Debridement Decision II-18 Methods/Techniques of Debridement II-18 Selective Methods II-18 Larvae Debridement Therapy/Bio-Surgical Debridement/ Biological Debridement II-18 Chemical/Enzymatic Debridement II-19 Autolytic Debridement II-19 Non-Selective Methods II-19 Mechanical Debridement II-19 Sharp and Surgical Debridement II-20
European Markets for Wound Debridement is part of the Medical Devices Subscription, which also includes research in the following markets: mechanical debridement, chemical debridement, autolytic debridement, biological debridement.