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surgical removal of foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing

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Occlusive dressings facilitate autolytic debridement and act as a barrier against soiling.
Autolytic debridement is the process where the body uses its own white blood cells (autolysis) present in the wound to breakdown necrotic tissue.
The highly breathable film acts as a waterproof barrier to external contaminants yet allows oxygen and moisture vapor exchange to prevent moisture build-up beneath the dressing, facilitating a moist environment for wound healing and autolytic debridement.
They are appropriate for superficial wounds with little drainage to reduce friction for a stage 1 pressure ulcer or to help autolytic debridement of a dry escharic wound, she said.
NU-GEL[R] Hydrogel with Alginate - a transparent hydro active amorphous gel containing sodium alginate creates a moist wound-healing environment, which assists with natural autolytic debridement and desloughing of wounds.
7) Medical Products autolytic debridement (1500 Unit)
Clinical studies have shown the dressing to effectively manage moderate to heavy exudate and to significantly enhance autolytic debridement while providing patient comfort.