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Synonyms for transfusion

the introduction of blood or blood plasma into a vein or artery

the action of pouring a liquid from one vessel to another

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An unused unit of blood collected for autologous transfusion must not be transfused to another patient.
Strategies that may decrease allogenic blood transfusion include preoperative haemoglobin optimisation, decreasing intraoperative blood loss (including surgical technique, cell salvage and antifibrinolytics), use of autologous transfusion and the implementation of restrictive transfusion strategies (7).
Clinical efficacy of postoperative autologous transfusion of filtered shed blood in hip and knee arthroplasty.
There are a number of benefits to autologous transfusions.
At Johns Hopkins, ~10% of the red cells transfused are autologous, despite many patient populations who are not eligible for autologous transfusion programs (organ transplant recipients, trauma victims, neonates and small children, patients with hematologic malignancies).
The procedure, known as autologous transfusion, promises to change preparation for elective surgery.
If, instead of competing with intraoperative autologous transfusion services, the blood-bank industry promoted IAT enthusiastically, it could solve the problem of blood shortages.
Although such autologous transfusion has increased dramatically, she says, it accounts for only 2 percent of transfusions.
Autologous Transfusion, Recombinant Factor VIIa, and Bloodless Medicine.
The idea of autologous transfusion in cases of obstetric hemorrhage dates back to the nineteenth century, when James Blundell documented the first application of autologous blood in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage in 1818.
Most health boards do offer an autologous transfusion programme, however autologous transfusion is contraindicated in the presence of cardiac disease and therefore will not be discussed further here.
Patients may be given their own blood in an autologous transfusion following elective surgery.
1~ The best alternative, widely endorsed, is autologous transfusion.
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