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derived from organisms of the selfsame individual

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Patients of chronic autoimmune urticaria were prospectively analyzed for the efficacy of eight consecutive weekly autologous serum injections with a post-intervention follow-up of 12 weeks.
The ability to control autoimmunity by autologous HSCT (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) has been demonstrated in other treatment-refractory autoimmune conditions, including neurologic diseases.
First group was given Autologous Serum Therapy along with oral levocetirizine 5mg on demand basis and second group was only on oral levocetirizine 5mg on demand basis.
The most common complication for both autologous and donor cycles was ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), reported Dr.
Carticel is an autologous chondrocyte implant (ACI) product marketed for the treatment and repair of articular cartilage defects in the knee; Epicel is a permanent skin replacement for full-thickness burns greater than or equal to 30% of total body surface area and MACI is a third-generation ACI product currently marketed for the treatment of focal chondral defects in the knee.
Carticel (autologous cultured chondrocytes) is an autologous chondrocyte implant (ACI) currently marketed in the US for the treatment of articular cartilage defects.
Our aim was to detect whether there was any difference between the patients who had been transfused autologous blood and those who had been transfused only allogeneic blood.
com), a medical device company specializing in the design and manufacturing of proprietary medical components focused on autologous stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, has announced its Chief Medical Director, Dr.
Autologous bone plugs fusion; treatment for lumbar instability.
1-3) Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is defined as a concentration of autologous platelets in a small volume of plasma, and is considered to be a rich source of autologous growth factors.
Reviroc is under development for the elimination of cancer cells from an autologous graft in bone marrow transplantation for end-stage blood cancer patients.
Many surgeons appreciate the utility of auricular cartilage as an autologous graft material for nasal augmentation, but the natural concavities and convexities of harvested conchal bowl cartilage can make achieving a straight and even dorsum technically challenging.
The claims describe methods of using the reovirus ex vivo to eliminate contaminating cancer cells from autologous (harvested from the patient themselves) blood stem cell transplants.
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