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The Appleton AutoLoader leverages technology to increase productivity and enhance the quality of production," said Mark Rasper, engineering manager.
The LTO2 StorageLoader is the highest-density tape autoloader currently available and is available as a turnkey solution with three-year warranty for $4,499 MSRP.
The Magnum 1x7 autoloader is a breakthrough tape storage product for the Apple customer because its low price makes the speed and capacity of LTO affordable for the thousands of companies that want to step up to LTO automation for their backup needs," said Tom Ward, president and CEO of Exabyte.
Dual SCSI interfaces on the Iomega REV Autoloader 1000 allow the drive to connect to a server and a NAS (network-attached storage) device.
The groundbreaking Iomega REV Autoloader 1000 is a 2U single-drive desktop device featuring 10-slots for a native capacity of 350GB* (700GB with 2:1 software compression), all managed with the bundled enterprise-strength BrightStor ARCserve Backup Standard Edition r11.
The distinct advantage of the gas-activated autoloader is its ability to soak up the considerable recoil generated by heavier waterfowl loads and high-pressure cartridges like the 12-gauge, 3 1/2-inch magnum.
The Exabyte StorageLoader LTO-3 provides the highest storage density and most efficient cartridge loading of any LTO autoloader today.
Exabyte, a 20-year innovator of tape storage technologies, is again leading the way with this turnkey Program for VARs and its new SMB class of autoloaders.
The autoloader has a 520GB total storage capacity (130 GB with 2.
Each of the tape autoloaders come in a rack-optimised 2U form factor and are primarily intended for use in smaller businesses, remote offices and workgroups, according to Quantum.
Three new autoloaders based on LTO Ultrium technology are slated for launch in January; the InoStor 8 cartridge LTO8200 and LTO8100, both in a compact 2U full-rack form factor, and a LTO-2 version of InoStor's popular Tandberg LTO 10 cartridge, 4U half-rack autoloader.
22, its receiver looked a lot like that of Marlin's venerable Model 60 autoloader.
The SLR75 Autoloader is intended for use primarily for the entry-level needs of a company and features a transfer speed of 4MB/s and 600GB of compressed data.
An equivalent tape system would cost at least $2500 for an autoloader and $600 for two sets of media, for a combined cost of $3100 or more.
today launches the new Gateway(R) 810 external autoloader, as well as an internal Gateway DAT72 autoloader and Gateway DAT72 drive that fit into Gateway servers.