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a hypodermic syringe to use in injecting yourself with a liquid

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EpiPens and other autoinjectors are popular because, while people can be trained to draw epinephrine into a syringe, it's hard to do that accurately during an emergency.
12 statement that the move was undertaken to address the "urgent need for a less-expensive epinephrine autoinjector.
It will then proceed to play a video demonstrating the proper method of using the epinephrine autoinjector for the person, caregiver, or whomever may be assisting the person experiencing anaphylaxis.
The companies specialise in generic formulations including extended-release, delayed-release and DEA controlled substances and the marketing of niche brands including Albenza, Dexedrine, Daraprim, Adrenaclick epinephrine autoinjector and its authorised generic.
People with severe food allergies should carry with them an epinephrine autoinjector device at all times.
The evolocumab group was randomized to monthly injections at 420 mg, as in DESCARTES, or to home biweekly injections at 140 mg delivered by prefilled autoinjector using a 27-gauge needle.
The drug is available in an autoinjector that can be used rapidly in cases of exposure to nerve agents possessing anticholinesterase activity (organophosphate poisoning).
A LECO Pegasus 4D GCxGC TOF/MS equipped with an Agilent 6890 GC and 7683 autoinjector was used to determine pesticide recoveries and levels of incurred pesticides in tobacco.
The report said that if one is exposed to the nerve agent sarin, there is an antidote kit like the Mark I Nerve Agent Antidote Kit includes the nerve agent antidote atropine and experts believe its improved version is the Antidote Treatment Nerve Agent Autoinjector (ATN).
While autoinjectors are sometimes designed to work with a particular injectable product as a form of pharmaceutical branding, the typical autoinjector is designed to fit one or more standard sizes of prefilled disposable syringes.
Autoinjector epinephrine may be life saving during a severe allergic reaction and should be given at the first signs of anaphylaxis.
SIMPONI is available either through the SIMPONI SmartJect autoinjector or a prefilled syringe.
The school must notify parents or guardians of the student, in writing, that except for "willful and wanton conduct," the school and its employees and agents are not liable for any injury arising from the student's self-administration of medication or epinephrine autoinjector, "regardless of whether authorization was given by the pupil's parents or guardians or by the pupil's physician, physician's assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse.
If you have food allergies, he recommends that you discuss an epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen[R]) with your physician.