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production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body

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Alloimmunization and red cell autoimmunization in multitransfused thalassemics of Indian origin.
Alloimmunization and erythrocyte autoimmunization in transfusion dependent thalassemia patients of predominantly Asian descent.
It also needs to educate coaches about the serious risks to the health of their athletes (cancer, virus infection, autoimmunization, heart attack and stroke, damage of skeletal muscle, rapture of tendons and ligaments) (18).
The mechanism of autoimmunization brings the world to crisis, following "a logic of redoubled negation that permits a melancholic subject to elude the harsh import of his or her own intuition of danger.
While studying the immune system parameters it was revealed that patients of miscarriage risk group had immune status changes at the systemic level: they manifested as valid reduction of T-helpers/inducers (CD4+) quantity facilitating transformation of B- lymphocytes into anti-substances; valid increase of natural killers (CD16+), as well as B- cells--antibody producers (CD19+) what cannot exclude development of autoimmunization of humoral and cellular types; as well as increase of the IL-2 (CD25+) receptor [alpha]-chain activation marker and HLA-DR--histocompatibility class II marker.