autoimmune disorder

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Centeon is enthusiastic about the potential of MDX-33 as a novel treatment for autoimmune disorders," said John Sedor, CEO of Centeon.
Still, he believes that testing OPG on people with the autoimmune disorder is warranted.
Inhibition of Fc receptor activity improves the clinical status of patients with certain autoimmune disorders.
These promising preclinical data further validate Cellerant's unique use of pure hematopoietic stem cells for a wide range of therapeutic applications, including autoimmune disorders such as lupus, as well as for cancer and blood disorders," commented Bruce Cohen, Cellerant's President and CEO.
The team focused on scleroderma, a sometimes deadly autoimmune disorder in which degeneration of skin, lungs, and internal organs occurs.
If suffering through a cold or the flu weren't bad enough by itself, a new study hints at the existence of a mechanism by which microbial infections may inflame or even initiate autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis.
For 5 months, the researchers observed the mouse pups, looking for signs of the autoimmune disorder.
Gain insight into the autoimmune disorder markets in each region, and understand which products and drug classes are powering sales and volume growth
For years, scientists have been investigating environmental factors that might contribute to autoimmune disorders having known genetic components.
8 The Autoimmune Disorder Monoclonal Antibodies Market
entitled Autoimmune Disorder Therapies, A Strategic Market Analysis.
Two research groups working separately have discovered a gene on the X chromosome that, when mutated, can lead to a dangerous autoimmune disorder and sometimes diabetes.
If someone has an autoimmune disorder, their immune system mistakenly interprets their body's own tissues as foreign.
Women with rheumatoid arthritis, a predominantly cell-mediated autoimmune disorder, tend to experience remissions during pregnancy (4).
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