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production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body

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Browse the full report Autoimmune Diseases Treatment Market - Growth, Share, Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, and Forecast, 2016 - 2022 report at http://www.
Patients were evaluated for familial frequency of vitiligo and its association with other autoimmune diseases by means of a specially designed proforma.
The current case is an interesting case of multiple autoimmune syndrome in a middle-aged lady who presented with clinical features of five multiple autoimmune diseases, namely; autoimmune hemolytic anemia, type 1 diabetes mellitus, systemic lupus erythematosus, vitiligo and psoriasis.
A number of autoimmune diseases do have a female predominance overall, Pollard says.
Getting a correct diagnosis may be difficult in the beginning stages, but it is imperative because the inability to quickly identify an autoimmune disease can take a serious toll on a patient, both physically and mentally.
About 2 to 3 percent of people with autoimmune disorders have defects in SIAE that allow B cells to run amok and make antibodies that attack the body, a team led by Shiv Pillai of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School report online June 16 in Nature.
Almost all the drugs used to treat the autoimmune diseases put you at increased risk for infection--usually atypical infection.
Fewer than 10% of the unique autoimmune or autoimmune-related diseases have currently available therapies, and new drug development programs target only about 30%, according to a recent report.
It isn't known why women are more likely to have autoimmune diseases, but it is thought that hormones play a role, because autoimmune diseases are more likely to be diagnosed during times when hormones fluctuate, such as after menopause or pregnancy.
For the study, the team used mice conditioned to develop type I diabetes, an autoimmune disease in which immune cells destroy insulin-secreting cells in pancreas.
population, or 22 million people, have one of the 24 most common forms of autoimmune disease, National Institutes of Health officials estimate.
CEO of GPC Biotech said: "We are very pleased to partner this promising program for autoimmune diseases with such a reputable company.
The reasons for the high prevalence in women are unknown, but circumstantial evidence links autoimmune diseases with preceding infections.
AUTOIMMUNE WOMEN: Nearly 80 percent of people with autoimmune diseases in America are women under 65.