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an aircraft that is supported in flight by unpowered rotating horizontal wings (or blades)

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His AutoGyro MTO Sport is built by AutoGyro GmbH in Germany, and Martin wanted to match, through his own experience, the aircraft's European specifications, with real conditions in Africa.
Ken flew his own autogyro design over a volcano while being attacked by helicopters.
Norman Surplus, 47, will wave goodbye to his wife and two young children as he flies away in the lightweight aircraft, also known as an autogyro, from a playing field in his hometown of Larne, Co Antrim.
Mrs Goodman, of Welgarth Avenue, Coundon, Coventry, said: "A few weeks ago you published a picture of an autogyro and I believe the 'leg' in the picture is from such an aircraft.
The Wallis autogyro, also used by the silver screen's Bond, must once have been considered as a candidate for emplacing and recovering special forces troops.
GBA, through its American Autogyro division, markets the kit-built, 2-place SparrowHawk Gyroplane.
He did not hesitate to fetch out the autogyro Little Nellie to allow me to sit in it with him.
His gyrocopter, an AutoGyro MTO took about 90 minutes to reach this altitude.
One of them, Pablo Ibanez Fernandez of Spain, took a ride in an autogyro for the first time.
99, featuring the door panels used for the publicity campaign for Thunderball If you fancy something a little more unusual than a replica of Bond's car, then how about this model of 'Little Nellie', his autogyro from the movie You Only Live Twice.
Crowds can just about be made out on riverbank MERSEY ME J Royal Liver Building on the waterfront HIGH SPY J Police autogyro monitors the crowds at the FA Cup final HOME FRONT J Terraced streets in Kensal Rise
He said that he believed that he had been shot at three times while he was flying the autogyro," Mr Tipping told police in the statement, which was read to the court.
THE man who invented James Bond's "Little Nellie" autogyro walked away unhurt after crashing her sister mini-copter - at the age of 90.
The existing record of 543 miles is currently held by retired Wing Commander Ken Wallis, who starred in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice flying an autogyro.
More than 20 years after the war ended, Wing Commander Ken Wallis, of Reymerston, Norfolk, became one of the world's most accomplished autogyro pilots.