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Forgery can be further demarcated in its association with certain kinds of artifacts within the autographic realm.
A complete copy of the original is kept at the Nuri 'Uthmania Library, Istanbul; the other, a rough incomplete autographic copy, is at the Oriental Manuscript Collection of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.
Because he employed a secretary (notably Amadis Jamyn), evidence of autographic material of Ronsard's own hand is minimal.
Among their topics are structuralism and/or the semiotic-pragmatic approach to literature, subjectivity as performance in literary texts, and materiality and performativity in autographic art practices.
In their respective responses, the rival continuators present two unique visions of the allographic sequelist's qualifications to succeed the autographic originator, namely, Montemayor.
This was the approach that Carlo Ginzburg identified as the evidential paradigm, built on the forensic unraveling of clues, iconographic or iconological reference, stylistic and autographic nuances (Ginzburg 1989, esp.
The first category of this exhibition, "Significant Gestures," explores the autographic mark, executed in sweeping strokes of brilliantly colored paint that became the expressive vehicle for Francis, Hofmann and Kline, as well as Philip Guston and Joan Mitchell.
It has widely been recognised that the collection of river flow data involved the use of autographic recorders operated by floats in which the analysis of the data was extremely time consuming.
According to Goodman intermediary variants exist, as is with autographic arts with numerous or unclear subjects--for example the performances, a modern art, representing specific case.
The Prologue to John seems to have been popular, as were common prayers, names of God, autographic spells like Christ's letter to Abgar, and the ad hoc magical legends called historiolae, which described supernatural figures dealing with problems analogous to those of current concern.
10) Milton executed this autographic ritual in an album for Dr Christopher Arnold, Professor of History at Nuremberg, on November 19, 1651, and, again, for the Swiss minister John Zollikofer, on September 26, 1656 (CE XVIII.
inscriptions, epitaphic and autographic, show us that Spiegelman does
One of the ads that appears in various forms in every number of Bleak House is for "Waterlow's Patent Improved Autographic Press, or portable printing machine .
There [was] a new-year card written by Pang Ungmo, former president of Chosun Daily, to communicate with Japanese imperial press members; an article written for Maeil Daily on December 25, 1943, by Kim Hwallan, the former president of Ewha Womans University, to "Let women participate in the Pacific War"; and an autographic letter of Song Pyongjun, organizer of Ilchinhoe, (66) [calling for] praise [of the] Japanese Emperor.